Friday, August 30, 2013

Where did the Summer go?

Apparently there has been a LOT going on around here. I was thinking about putting something on Pinterest but I had to first figure out how to do that which lead to me logging in here only to realize I hadn't blogged since MAY! How the heck did that happen? It's now Labor Day weekend. Looks like I'll be catching up this weekend....maybe.

I'll start with now and work my way backwards with what all happened this summer. So last weekend, my beautiful daughter and her boyfriend came for a visit. 

How cute are they? Rosie the Riveter and Fabio!
She's going to UNT in the Interior Design program and I thought I should put her to good any good mother would do. I had recently given my dad back all the antique furniture - bed, dresser and wash stand - that I had gotten from him when I was married. I actually had this bedroom suite when I was in high school and college but didn't take it when I got married. Anyway, it left my room with much more room and wall space above my bed. I have a plan for a headboard I'm going to make with a pair of stain-glass shutters (you can see them in the picture below) but that won't happen until I move. For now, I needed to put something up there because I cannot do a blank wall. I get nervous.

We (as in Rex because he's like 7 feet tall) started with straight pens. Four down the left side spaced apart just eyeballing it. Then we (Alyssa because she's the crafty one) took the thin twine (looping the end) started on the second to the top pin, up around the top pin and across to eyeball where the top pin on the right side should go. We continued this down and back and forth, wrapping the twine a couple of times around each pin for security and then tide it off at the bottom left.

I had clothes pins from a previous craft and my Kanvess prints, which I absolutely LOVE, and we just started hanging the pictures. We ran out and had to get more so they are two different types but you can't really tell and who cares? Not me! I had this idea in my head because of a couple of things I'd seen on Pinterest. I am SO happy with how it turned out. The best part is, I can move the pictures around (which I won't because I hardly ever do that) or I can change out the pictures (which I might do but that just depends).

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