Monday, April 15, 2013

Doing Things Seperately....

The sign said not to climb but I'm a rule breaker. I didn't go that far up though!
When you're in a relationship, it's always good to have time apart doing things with your friends, right? Yes. It's just harder to do when you live 3 hours apart and don't see each other that much anyway. So, when Allan mentioned to me months ago that April 12th was race weekend, my heart kinda sunk a little. Not gonna lie. I looked at the calendar and realized that that was one of two weekends in April that my youngest would be going to his dad's and that he was going to be at NASCAR with his friends. Then I secretly prayed to God that he wouldn't ask me to tag along. It's not my thing. Not even one of those things I would do just because it would be spending time with him. Not on my bucket lists A, B or C. 

Instead, I called up my best friend, Missy, and said, "Hey, wanna go to Paris with me April 12th for the weekend and go antiquing?" To which she said, "He!! yeah!" So we planned it. I got us a room at the Hampton Inn Paris (don't be jealous!) and we were set. We were both in desperate need of some time away from our home lives. No dogs, no kids, no parents, no boys - not that we don't love our boys 'cause we do and we missed them bad, but you know.....

The week before we started looking for things to do in Paris, TX. It's a fun little town that I had been to many times, but not really spent a lot of time touring. We were lucky enough to be there the weekend of the April in Paris Wine Fest. Unfortunately, we didn't know about it until we were there and saw all the signs about it. However, we will be making plans to go next year and hopefully with the boys, who knows! It was a Friday night thing and we could participate in that we paid $1 for a taste of one of the wines. If you wanted a whole glass, it was $5 (still not bad!) but it wasn't in one of the fancy special wine glasses you got if you signed up ahead of time.

On to things to do in Paris, TX - you definitely have to go see the Texas Eiffel Tower. That's me with the tower at the top. It's just a cool thing to see. And next to it is the Red River Valley Veteran's Memorial. It's a very well put together memorial for those veteran's from Red River County. Then there is the Jesus wearing Cowboy Boots statue in the Evergreen Cemetery. This was interesting in that there is a headstone with Jesus carrying a cross and he's wearing boots. The story behind it sort of weirded me out since it's rumored that Mr. Babcock was really an atheist and this was sort of his jab at religion. Click on the name above to read more.

I agree with the article. I think he looks more like an angel. That's why we drove by twice before we realized this was the thing we were looking for.

A few other things we did around town was check out all the antique shops in the square, see the fountain, eat at a few good eating establishments (Jaxx's Burgers and Time Flies were two) and enjoy a beautiful evening. 

Paris at sunset (Texas, not France!)
Saturday, we took a trip down 82 into Clarksville, stopping at Alida's Antiques in Blossom along the way. She's a little bit priceier than places like The Cedar Chest in Paris, but she has a TON of stuff and will always make you a better deal than the price that's on there. The drive from Paris to Clarksville is about 35 miles, but if you love looking at antiques, it's well worth it! We went around the square in Clarksville and checked out all their antique stores, actually bought a dress (GASP) for this weekend at Vintaj Cowgirl on the square (I can't find a good website online so no link, sorry) found a few great things and then went on to visit Allan's mom. Oh! I also bought a pair of boots. Here is me in the dress and boots (I know. I need my girdle on. Get over it!)

So thre you have it. A good list of things to do while you're in Paris, TX. I hope it helped you because I had a hard time finding one good place that gave us good direction.
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