Thursday, April 4, 2013

Be Happy and Thankful

I found this saying on Facebook the other day and it's really hit home this week. Work has gotten busy, which is great, I had counseling this week and I got to see the guy this past weekend. I have really been working on just getting to this place where I can live NOW and not in all the "what if's" I've taxed my brain with lately. It's a constant struggle to stop myself when I start going down the future trail. I am so on guard not to get hurt like I've let myself in the past that I have robbed myself of loving where I am right now.

When I get a text from you know who just telling me "Luv Ya Baby!" it totally melts my heart. Or the one that says "Missin'  you!" Wow. It just makes me smile so big. It's huge for a guy to reach out like that. HUGE! Instead of me wondering if he's going to bail on me one day, I need to (and am learning very quickly to) love where we are right now, appreciate every little aspect of our relationship and just love him and not waste any more time wondering.

I also finally watched the video to P!NK's new song "Just Give Me A Reason". I had heard the song many, many times and thought it was about a couple who had grown distant and was trying to make their relationship work. Then I really listened to the words and realized it's totally me with Allan. I'm her, freaking out thinking their amazing relationship won't last and he's there saying "Where did this all come from? We are fine! We are fine!" Here, take a watch and a listen......(here are the lyrics)

And this is the happy couple this past Easter weekend at the family wedding. It was a beautiful place in McKinney - Heard Science & Nature Center.

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