Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Equality. That's the Word of the Day today.

Pretty sure I've talked about this before, if not blogged about it, but I will talk about it again and give it it's own blog. I believe in marriage equality. I actually believe in equality for everyone about anything that is legal. I don't believe we should segregate anyone out because of raise, color, sexual orientation,ability or whatever. Give everyone a chance to prove themselves.

Then I wake up this morning to a Facebook post by a school friend who shall remain nameless. It was a shared link to this story. I will say, I wasn't surprised on his view of marriage but I was very disgusted at the blog about marriage and how it's biblical only between a man and woman because of Adam and Eve and all that BS. Yeah. Gross. (By the way - he got no "attention" from that share. No likes or comments. So there.)

Later on this morning, certain friends were changing their Facebook profile picture to the image above or a big red block. I knew the "why" going on in my head would be answered soon enough. Then I see this article posted by NPR about Justices wary of broad ruling endorsing gay marriage and another one about Outside the Supreme Court, The Arguments Continue and it comes to my attention that today starts a two day discussion in the Supreme Court about two same sex marriage cases. It once again reminds me how messed up our government is and how simple minded much of the world (sadly my home state of Texas more than anyone) is about letting people do one simple thing - get married.

Yes, I believe in marriage and not just between a boy and a girl. I believe in marriage between two people who love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together. To put up the argument that allowing a gay couple to marry would devalue the marriage between and man and a woman is just idiotic to me. Let me explain why.....I was married once. I sucked at it. I got married too young and I didn't have good examples in my life on how to make a marriage work. Yes, it's Work with a capital W. It's about compromise, loving someone unconditionally, putting them before yourself much of the time and yes, expecting the same in return. I see WAY too many young kids getting married and having babies and yet have absolutely NO freakin' idea how to get along and compromise. I was one of those kids. I was a baby of 21 marrying a bigger baby of 23. At least I had lived on my own and knew how to take care of myself. That was about it. Want to read about the mess? Here. Enjoy. It's a mess.

I will get married again one day. I feel more ready to be married now than I ever have. I have and will encourage my own children to live with someone BEFORE they take the vow of marriage because marriage isn't something they should think is disposable. It's not something you can have "undone" even though so many famous people (and not famous people) seem to think you can. It's forever whether you stay together or not. You have made a union, and most of the time a family, with this person. You can't just act like it never happened. It did. There are probably pictures to prove it.

I have my opinions about pretty much everything and I don't like to share them on Facebook because, well, there are people I'm friends with that will judge and criticize and whatever and that's not why I have a Facebook. I'm there to have fun. My blog here is where I go to rant about political and religious stuff. (linking to everything like CRAZY today!) Therefore, I won't be changing my profile picture. But let's be honest, it's really because I think me and my love are just too freakin cute together to put a big read block with an equal sign in it. My friends who really know me know I'm all about equality. Those that don't know me that well can suck it. Or they can read this post.

So, here's what I think, I, along with a gazillion other straight people, have certainly done a grand enough job of screwing up the value of marriage all on our own. It wouldn't make it worse if we allow gay couples to freely marry. In fact, if anything, I think it would make it more valuable because these couples tend to appreciate marriage way more than straight couples. They tend to stay committed to one another way longer without being married than some married people do. They had to fight for their right to love openly - not just to be married but to be accepted as gay. That fight in and of itself is hard. Coming out. It's a shame what a struggle it still is. But thankfully we have sites like the It Gets Better organization to help struggling people of all ages to be open and honest about who they love. Let's stop being so closed minded people. Seriously.
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