Thursday, October 4, 2012

Alternative Cuss Words

This morning, as I was waiting for Jonathan to get ready for school, we got into an interesting conversation about cussing. I think I said, "Shozbot" instead of "the S word" and he laughed. Then he says, "I'm not old enough to cuss yet", which caused me to correct him and say, "It's really never ok to cuss, even when you feel like it. It just makes you look dumb, like you aren't smart enough to come up with a better word to say when you're angry or upset."
Now, for my friends reading this - I know I am the LAST person to say no one should cuss. I cuss a lot, which just makes me look stupid. Yes, I know that. I have recently decided that I wanted to work on my language. I don't want to look stupid, ignorant, whatever you want to call it. I need alternatives. Why? Because I get upset and there's such a relief when you say a word that starts with an F or an S that helps release the frustrations. I wonder why that is? Anyway, Jonathan and I started saying phrases or words that were good for getting the frustration out but that didn't offend anyone within ear shot.
Thinking this was fun/funny, I posted about it on Facebook and got some great suggestions from a couple of friends, James M and Ginger H. Then a request for a here it is.

1. Shozbot
2. Lint Licker
3. Frickin' frackin'
4. Shut the front door
5. Franklin Delanor (haha)
6. You son of a salad eater
7. Sugar
8. Oh snap!

I want to add to this list, so I will be listening intently to anyone around me that cusses without cussing.
This leads me to a thought I had. As I was typing this blog, I thought about growing up in the Baptist church and my Sunday school teacher saying, "Thinking the cuss word or saying something close to it is just as bad as saying it." Disagree! I mean, really. We all get frustrated and need to let that out, so why take away ANY form of release? Personally, I'd rather be caught saying "Shozbot" that S&*(^%&, wouldn't you?
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