Friday, September 28, 2012

How About You Mind Your Own Business

This whole Facebook thing has kinda gotten to me as it does during every election year. I thought Facebook was a social media place to reconnect with friends and kinda get an inside view into each other's lives, kids, family, fun stuff and humorous stuff. For me, it's been a place to brag about my kids and post things that I thought were funny. Have I had people "unfriend" me for no reason that I could think of? Sure. Do I care? No, because I "unfriend" people too. I just don't go so far as to tell them why. It's probably because they are too religious or political or just plain irritating to me. And if they are a good friend, heck, I just hide their profile and go directly to it if I wanna see what's been going on.

There are those self-righteous people who think someone really cares that they are about to "unfriend" you, so they send you a private message just before hitting the fateful "unfriend" button. I've never actually had that happen, except with guys I dated or whatnot....until tonight. Yes, it did chap me (shocking) and I did try to just blow it off, but that never works all that well for me. I've removed the name to spare this person her identity, but here was the exchange:

The no-longer friend

Pretty shocked that you would post something with such vulgar language. You may want to re-think that. I have told my kids that is unacceptable to have friends that post things like that. Unsubscribing from you today. I really hope you re-think your posts. Take Care.


My response


You could have just as easily unfriended me and gone on your merry little way and it would have taken me months to figure out you weren't my "friend" anymore. But apparently there's some self-righteous Christian inside you that felt this judgmental need to call me out on MY post on MY Facebook. Last time I checked, that was MY name, which gives ME the right to post whatever I want. You don't know me or my kids or how my family works. You've never taken the time to know what we've been through but I'm pretty sure it's NOTHING like your perfect little marriage with your perfect little children in your perfect little house in your perfect little life. So better that you don't have to tolerate my humor anymore. I'd rather not have "friends" who are going to cast judgement and tell me I should "re-think" a post when they can't bother to congratulate me and be happy for me when I say something nice or uplifting. As I'm sure my humor made you think differently of me, your chastisement of me has made me think differently of you. So-take care.....

This is what I posted in case you missed it the first time...

So, let me make this clear. This picture was sent to me through text from a really good friend who gets my humor. I thought it was hilarious as did many of my friends on Facebook. If you found it offensive, um, sorry?? I guess? I don't know. From the few responses I get to things I post, I just didn't really think that many of my "friends" paid attention to what I said. I don't post as much as I used to just because I like to make my posts interesting or funny. If you wanna "unfriend" me, go ahead. I won't be offended. We probably didn't have a meaningful friendship to begin with. If you think I'm a bad parent for posting things like this, you can go suck it. But one thing is for sure, don't bother chastising me. I'm a 45 year old woman who just doesn't care what other people think. (Unless you are my child or my boyfriend and at that, I know they would just tell me to my face.) 

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