Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Last Four Months

Wow! So it's been a while since I've written anything. I've thought about a LOT and a lot has been happening. I just haven't had the time or motivation to write any of it down. Let's see how good my memory is....this could be a very long blog.

Since April, I've had my third child graduate from high school, met an amazing man (well more like a reconnection, but he's still amazing), turned the big 45 and sent said graduated child off to college. It has been a crazy four months and so much to tell. I'll start with Ben's graduation. He graduated on May 26 and turned 18 the very next day. All went well, meaning nothing out of the ordinary happened. He did graduate as an IB candidate and did end up passing all the tests to get the IB diploma. That helped a lot with his scholarships and classes that he now doesn't have to take in college. He's going to the University of Houston as a Music Education major.

The music students had to move into the dorms a week before everyone else. That was a very long, but enjoyable day. We, as in Ben, April (his girlfriend), Jonathan and that amazing man I mention, drove Ben to Houston and got him all moved in to Moody Towers where he will be living for the next year. It was a quiet move in compared to the move in we had with Alyssa last year. It was also a quick trip, which April wasn't really prepared for. But we will be going back on October 12th for Parent Weekend. So far, he seems to be settled in and started classes yesterday.

Quick overview of this amazing guy....we've known each other since 7th grade, friends on Facebook (of course) and have a mutual friend who wanted to play matchmaker with us. We've both been a bit unlucky with relationships but have fun flirting online. She saw an opportunity and I must say, she was pretty spot on. She set up a party at her house on June 23rd and he came in town for the weekend. He lives in Cuthand, Texas (aka middle of nowhere) so he would be staying the weekend at her house. The next day, she had tickets to a Rangers game for the four of us. He had no clue she was matchmaking but I did, which is how I preferred it. This way, if he wasn't interested, no harm, no foul and I could go on my merry way being single for all of eternity liked I've vowed in January. Well, as fate would have it, we kinda hit it off really well and the rest is history. For the first time in my life, I think, I've been dating a man for two months and there is nothing about him that makes me want to pull my hair out. Even the fact that he lives two and a half hours away is a bonus right now. The lengths we will go to so that we can see each other about once a week are incredibly reassuring. There is a hunting trip planned for October that he's invited me to go on. If we can survive 10 days together, I'm pretty sure we've got this thing in the bag.

So, on July 27th, I turned 45. I have to say I really like being 45. Is it that I am in a really awesome place in my life? Probably. But I also know I don't look my age and I don't feel my age. I feel amazing, loosing weight and being content with my life. There is a lot to be said for just accepting the path you've been given and walking it in faith that God really knows what He's doing. That's not something I've ever really doubted but my patience has been very lacking - until now, and it feels really, really good. What did I do for my big birthday? My team at work took me to lunch. Then, I got my sweet Z dog and drove to the country for the weekend. My sweet man took me to dinner (after a little bit of a harrowing ordeal getting there) and then I was with him, in the quiet of the country. I can't think of any other way I would have rather spent my birthday.

I've also learned a lot of wisdom this year:
  • Pick and choose your battles.
  • Accept who you are, changing only those things you are responsible for changing.
  • Enjoy when your kids turn 18 and you can let them go and learn things the hard way.
  • A dog will always make things better and is probably the best therapy there is going.
  • Country boys make amazing gentlemen.
  • Living 30 minutes from the nearest grocery store may not be all that bad! 
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