Friday, February 3, 2012

Politics and Religion Do Not Mix

Today I "liked" a page on Facebook. I have my account set to not show on my wall when I make these actions. Somehow, this one showed up, I assume, in the little ticket thing on the right side of the page, who knows. I had two friend who commented on the link "Signed the Weapons Systems Acquisition Reform Act to stop fraud and wasteful spending in the defense..." I suddenly felt drawn to reply the best I could as I am not a very political person but am working towards being more aware.

When I initially posted this blog I had my response and a bit of a rant. Funny how that all vanished when I posted the blog. Now I can't find my response but I know the basics of what I said back to my friends. One of them is very right wing religious guy and the other is a very liberal woman. I went to high school with both of them. Interesting to have these conversations now that we are older.

The reason I even found the link or have the above picture is because I asked my brother to help me sort out the presidential election this year. I have been able to vote since Ronald Regan ran for President and have never thought past Republican until last election. I knew there needed to be a major change. I wanted a major change. And for me, I feel like that's what I've gotten. I have benefited in more than one way from Obama being President of the United States for three years. Let me tell you how:

When I divorced my husband in 2003, I was making $8.25 an hour at a very part time job. I had not pursued a career or finished college because I was popping babies out with no way to take care of them except for me to become a stay-at-home mom. As they got older I was able to work as a teacher at their preschool and later the home school school after I put them in public school. My dilemma was now finding a full-time job that would support me and the kids. While I was securing said job, I had to go on food stamps. I wasn't proud of it and I truly hated going down to the Texas Health and Human Services offices every month or two to show that I was still poor enough to need their help. At the same time, I was so grateful to have this program. It made life a little easier knowing they wouldn't go hungry.

Later on, after I worked my way up the corporate ladder and was able to get off food stamps, I didn't really think much about any government programs. That was until my oldest son graduated from high school and didn't go to college. This also meant that he wouldn't have health insurance. Now, honestly, for most of his early childhood we didn't have health insurance consistently. There was the CHIPS program with the state but his father was self-employed. There is no health insurance when you have to pay for it yourself. So, when Obama passed the health care bill, I was on board. This meant that he would again have health insurance. I had to be the health care provider for the children still remaining on child support and with my company you can have yourself and children with no limit. Four kids cost the same as two. He, said oldest child/son, had to have hernia surgery on January 3, 2012. If we had not had this Obama health care option, he wouldn't have been able to have the surgery. Therefore, at whatever cost, I do not want to loose the health care bill. It affects me in a positive way.

Then there are the Pell Grants that my daughter was able to secure. She is making it through her first year of college with only having to take out a $2000 student loan. That was necessarily only because they, the school and the government, wanted to see that she is serious about college, making good grades and not dropping classes or dropping out. If we as a country elect a Republican president, I am very concerned that my children will not have the opportunity to have their college paid for. I wasn't able to go to college without racking up a huge student loan bill that I am still paying for 25 years later. I don't want that for my children. I believe that they should have what they have worked so hard for through high school. Good grades and ambition should be rewarded. I work very hard but don't make all that much. If that gets them student loans then great. I am all for it.

My theory is that, if it doesn't affect you then it doesn't matter to you. But some of you who read my blog know me very well. Does it matter at all that there are major things that could change and drastically affect MY family? I bet there are other people you know who would also suffer. This is an all for me and me for me world we live in. All I'm saying is think about THE FACTS! Not some crap someone spouts because they think they know what they are talking about. I want facts. Period. I want my three older children, who coincidentally enough are all able to vote for the first time this November, to understand how their vote can affect them. I want them to know the facts and to really consider who they are voting for. Don't just vote like your parents because they will be upset with you if you vote for "the other party.

This is hopefully my only political rant. We will see what happens closer to or after the election in November.

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