Monday, December 5, 2011

This is why they make THOSE drugs.

I may be sharing some information in this post that others would never share with an unknown audience, but this is my outlet, so I'm telling it.

The company I work for pays for six therapy sessions a year. That's all paid for, six times to go sit and talk to someone who is a professional brain picker. I decided to take them on the offer. It was interesting, one, because my counselor seemeed like he had the beginning stages of dimentia. I was always retelling my story when I went in. I could have changed counselors, but I really liked him. He was older and very open and honest, not like any other therapist I'd seen before.

At first, I wasn't really sure what to talk about except that I had man-trust issues. I had just been dooped once again in a bad relationship and had decided I should just be eternally single. Really all I needed was someone to talk to, listen and then figure things out for myself. He didn't really offer any suggestions, basically saying that everything I was going through was just life stuff. He gave me an anxiety scale test. I was just over the boarder for severe anxiety. Surprise? No. But he did confirm that I am NOT bipolar as my ex likes to tell my kids that I am. I just have some really shitty people in my life that stress me out and I have to learn how to deal with them, even those that I have basically X'd out of my life.

Now comes the daily trial of working with some of these people that sort of stress me out. We are all different. I get that. I just have this zero tolerance thing going on lately. Is it because I'm getting older? Is it that I have put up with my share and shit and idiots in my life and I'm tired already? I have come to realize that THIS is why they make medications to help with stress. I'm not anything daily, just on an as needed basis. It makes me an easier person to be around, I think. It makes it easier for me to be around me anyway. I also want to put a sign out saying, "Hey coworker! Did you know that our company pays for six therapy sessions? You should try it out and get some help for this issue I have with you!" Too much? Ok, well, I can't really do that, but oh how I would like to give them some therapy.
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