Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year New Me

So, here I sit, on the couch in my house, watching JAWS with my almost 13 year old son and listening to my new dog snore. Would I want tonight, my last two hours of 2011, be any different? Not really. It would be nice to have someone to kiss at midnight I suppose but I will kiss my son's cheek and my pugs head and go to bed perfectly happy tonight.

I'm at a new place in my life. For 2012, I want to be more positive and encouraging, read more and watch less tv, exercise more and drink less wine (after tonight of course) and just have a better outlook on life over all. I thought 2011 would bring my life partner and it almost did. I'm not even thinking about that this year. I want a better me and I'm going to achieve that.

Best of luck to everyone for 2012 and beyond. May you be blessed and loved in the best way possible.

(The picture is of the beautiful Christmas gift from my brother Andy and his husband Fred. It's all from India. I'm a very lucky girl!)

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1 comment:

Andy Baker said...

Merry Christmas - late. And a happy New Year. Glad you liked all the stuff.