Thursday, December 29, 2011

His name is Z.

Two years ago, when the kids and I moved from my mother's duplex to an apartment, we had to give away our two dogs, Baby and Tiny. We have all missed them very much. What we didn't miss was their messes. We could never seem to get them house trained.

Two days ago, a friend of mind posted a picture of a pug on Facebook saying he needed a good home. My oldest son, Michael, has mentioned wanting a pug for a long time. I showed him the picture. We were in. I just had to get the information on him, was he free, how old, etc. The answers to my questions were all perfect. We were going to have a dog again. This time, he would be house trained, not a puppy and, well, absolutely the sweetest dog in the world.

Yesterday, I was off work so we went to pick him up. His name was Smoke (no clue why) but Michael wanted to change his name to Z. Why Z? He wanted just a letter and Z was the one that sounded the best. He didn't answer to Smoke so I didn't feel bad changing his name. He's really just a dog and will eventually get used to the name anyway.

I can honestly say that I feel like I am ready to have the responsibility of a dog. We don't live in a house anymore so it's not like I can just open the door and have him go pee in the backyard. I actually had to get the leash out and walk him at 6:00 this morning. He's so happy and cute that I didn't mind. Now, it's the first morning. I am still in the "honeymoon" phase. This will not be as exciting when I have been out the night before or up late and don't want to get out of bed. I realize that, but for now, I am happy to go outside.

It's actually nice to think that I have a really good reason to get off the couch. The kids have a reason to go outside. We have something to take care of other than ourselves. I just hope that, when Michael moves out again, he doesn't want to take Z with him. My plan is to have him for when I have the empty nest syndrome going on. Who knows, I just might become the crazy dog lady. It's a ton easier than trying to have a boyfriend! :)

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