Sunday, December 18, 2011

Do you really want to be one of THOSE people?

I have been reading a lot of online articles about women and men, relationships and family. I have come across blogs written by men who have never been married and women who have been married a long time and seem happy but admit to struggle.Recently, while talking to a guy I know about men and how frustrating it can be to date, he said, "You know you sound bitter, right?" I was a little surprised that he said that, but upon being quiet and thinking about what he had just said, I knew he was right. My frustration is coming across as bitterness. I need to work on that. That is completey the opposite response I wanted. I know where it comes from. It was those first 36 years of my life where I was chastized for voicing my opinion, therefore, now I don't know how to do it without sounding.....ugh, bitter.

You know when people say, "You can't change anyone" how truly spot on that is? It hurts too much for people to make the effort to change so most people won't. They don't see themselves as other people see them and so they will continue to be who they are until they find SOMEONE who will see them the way they see themselves. Well, I don't want to be that person. I want to see myself in the light of who I really am. BUT I want the person who I really am to be good and loving and non-judgmental and accepting of everyone and everything.

Which brings me to my next point....I grew up in church and had religious beliefs shoved down my throat every single day for most of my childhood and adult life. In fact, it still happens and I find myself welling up inside wanting to scream, "Can you talk without quoting a bible verse and mentioning the name of God just ONCE??" So, why is it so offensive to me when that's how those people talk? Maybe it all that guilt that was shoved on me as a child. For me, I want the person I appear to be to memick that of Christ, not just what comes out of my mouth.

This article,, really spelled out for me the type of Christian I want people to see me as. I work in a corporate office surrounded by the funnest, most joyful group of people and my guess is about half of them are Christians. I know for a fact one is Agnostic. They all know I'm a Christian, mostly because it came up in conversation and they are my friends on Facebook, but do I appear "Jesus like" at work? Um, not always. Although I want to think I do atleast half the time.

What you will never find me doing is shoving my beliefs down their throat or making those that aren't Christians feel uncomfortable. Why? Because that would run them off. Is that what we are supposed to do? NO. God does not want us to run people off from Him by vomiting His name of them over and over and making them uncomfortable. He wants us to be real and love them to the point where they want to know how we can be so calm in the face of adversities.

After previewing my writing (love it when I do that) I have gone from dating to religion in one big swoop. Imagine that. That's how my brain works so enjoy. My point is that, as a people, be who you are through your actions and make sure your actions are who you want to be. No matter what the circumstance, check yourself before you show a side of you people who rather not see.
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