Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Frustrations of Single Friends

This picture just cracked me up. And it says a lot about single people.
There comes a time in a single person's life when they realize what a jerk they've been to their friends - or one can hope, right? I know in my single life, I have caused a few of my friends to have the urge to seek out a brick and just about hit themselves on the head with it because they can't get through to my desperately pathetic brain. To them, I have and will continue to apologize.

In the last, oh, seven years or so, I have had many, many women, mostly just acquaintances, come to me for relationship advice. There weren't too many that made me want to grab a brick, but there has been at least one. The others took my advice or didn't, but they managed to figure out what they needed to. It was certainly a learning for me that showed me what I would love to do if I could ever just change my career path without going to college. I truly feel it's my passion to help broken women AND men along in their journey to be happy with themselves and NOT be in a terrible relationship.  I have certainly had my own very long and rough journey. Sharing that with others makes me happy and crazy at the same time.

When my friends and family try to give me advice, I usually won't listen. There was a time when I listened because I was new to the "game". I am certainly a veteran now, no need to give me unwanted advice anymore, but thanks. I honestly think I have finally figured myself out (as much as possible anyway). I have taken my stupid mistakes and am really trying to learn from them. I don't date right now. That means I am not on any dating websites actively seeking out men to talk to. Nor do I come on to anyone, not that I ever did, but I'm still not doing that. I am a flirt, but I always have been. Although, in my 40's, I'm not really feeling as flirty as I did in my 30's.

Here is a fabulous article that was sent to me by a single female co-worker. I think it really says it all. It's title says it all. Enjoy.
A Message to Women From a Man: You Are Not "Crazy"
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