Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Prom 2011 - It's Different with a Girl

Alyssa at the Gaylord
This is my second experience with prom for my kids. Two years ago it was Michael and boys are easy. They only require a tux and a good haircut. I must say, this year was much more fun and girlie for me. Alyssa is not a typical girlie girl, so to get to do the nails (toes and hands) and hair was quite an adventure.  My hairdresser, Amber, was immediately hired for the hair and my nail tech, Tiffany, did the nails. We were all set to go.

The dress came from the Prom Closet, set up by the HEB school district. I linked to the Facebook page so you can read more about it. I thought it was just for students who couldn't afford a dress to be able to go pick out one for free. But in reading the Facebook page, it's so much more than that. I was in Iowa the weekend Alyssa and Monica decided to go see if they could find dresses. I got a few picture texts and immediately knew the dress I thought Alyssa should get. And it was free! So, she found the perfect dress at the perfect price. We will be taking it, along with a banquet dress, back to donate so that someone else can use it.

Green toes for "Mean Green" UNT

She had her manicure and pedicure done that morning while I took her car over to Grampa's so that he could check the oil and change out the windshield wiper blade. Then it was lunch and off to get her hair done with Amber. She is at a local salon so we saw lots of girls from Bell (and a few from Trinity) getting their hair done as well. Interesting side note, Trinity, who is our rival high school, was having their prom on the same night at the same venue in a room right next door to Bell. Interesting how that all happened. I think they usually try to schedule them a week apart at least. It was interesting to see all the different styles that the girls were going with. Apparently, half up and half down is in because of Taylor Swift. Alyssa went with full up because she didn't want to get hot breakin' it down on the dance floor. Ok, I'll stop trying to be cool......

Back of the hair
So anyway, back to the hair....when I went to prom...well anything, I always did my own hair. It's very different now. Girls have their hair done in up-do's all the time. It's rather expensive but we were both happy with the outcome and there is no way I could have done that myself. It did take a good two hours because my little girl has no shortage of hair, unlike her mother. She got the thick hair for sure! The best thing is that we certainly got our money's worth. She had that hair up for about 36 hours she liked it so much! After hair, we got home in just enough time for her to do make up and get dressed before the limo picked her up. There was a group of them going together and one of the parents knew someone with a limo (lucky us!) so they all got to ride in style. She was the second person to be picked up. The it was on to the Gaylord to take group pictures.
These four girls have been best friends through high school. Alyssa and Marissa have known each other since 7th grade band. They will all be going to the University of North Texas in the fall. Alyssa and Kelsey will be rooming together and Monica and Marissa will be rooming together. I hope and pray that they have a wonderful journey through college and remains friends no matter what. How beautiful are these girls?!?

Kelsey, Alyssa, Monica, Marissa

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