Wednesday, May 4, 2011

National Honor Society Induction 2011

For the second year in a row, I have attended the National Honor Society Induction ceremony for one of my children. According to my dad, Ben is only the second person in our family to be inducted into the NHS - the first being Alyssa last year. This is something that is such a proud moment for me. My kids just amaze me with how smart they are, how hard they work to achieve things that I never even thought about doing. Benjamin said that when he was getting his certificate the man shaking his hand said,"Smile for your parents. They are in the audience!" (or something like that)

Ben is one of those kids that has just always done well. He never had to work hard to do well in school until probaby half way through junior high. And even then, he still made straight A's. It's been hard to look at a report card and get all excited about his grades because...well...he's just always done well. His Grandy asked him Monday night if he had ever gotten a B. His response was, "Yeah once or twice". I have really had to make a concious effort to congratulate him on his achievements because it's not fair to him that I just know he will do well and then not say anything about it.

He has almost made it through his first year of IB and will continue that next year, along with his NHS projects. Luckily, this isn't for a grade, although that does matter. It's more of a service organization and he is very good at service. His plan is to go to the University of Houston to study music. He wants to be a band director. I feel certain he will and one day, in about six years, I will be sitting in a high school stadium somewhere watching a band that he is directing march on the field. And I will be just as proud as the day I watched my own children march on the field.
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