Monday, May 2, 2011

May 1, 2011 "DNA testing confirms bin Laden death"

Please know that I am not a political person. I do not debate politics or religion. I have my opinions and how I feel about certain things but I do not like to debate with anyone so that is not what this is about.

I was literally passed out on the couch last night before 9:00 pm because of my crazy weekend with Alyssa and prom. So, when I woke up at 3:00 am and looked at my phone and found a text from my friend, Caroline, that read, "USA has bin Laden....Pres about to speak..." my first thought was, "What??" The next thing I did, of course, was check Facebook. That's where I saw six hours of information about the events I had slept through, along with feelings, some very harsh, thoughts of my friends and some family and I was a little surprised at some of them.

My first reaction was, "Great!" I didn't get all excited and want to run into the streets and scream. I just thought that now there wouldn't be any more speculation about his whereabouts and we could all go on with our lives doing whatever we do and hopefully things will settle down. Realistically I think this is just a small piece to the big puzzle of life and, while it may change a few things, I believe the war will go on. We, as Americans, should support our troops because they are over there fighting for us. Feel however you want about our country and president, but our troops have family, children, who miss them every day and worry if they will be coming home. They are the ones I think about.

What I do NOT agree at ALL with is the statement, "I am sadden to know so many of you are happy about a death of another person. weather he did right or wrong we should not be rejoicing." This is directly from a Facebook friend - a guy I used to work with at the hotel. I don't agree with a lot of what he posts but I keep him as a friend. I don't know why. There were other people who posted similar things, but this one just kills me. Osama bin Laden isn't just another person. He was an evil man who is burning in the pits of hell right now and forever. Unfortunately, he probably didn't suffer or even know what hit him before he was killed. They will bury him at sea according to Islamic tradition, which I suppose is better than in the ground for people to flock to and worship him like he was some great leader. I wish they would burn his body on the way out to sea. That would make me happy. But then, no one asked so I guess they don't care.

I have had no intention of having a discussion about this, although my best friend called me as I was driving to work and brought it up. I just listened (because her opinion is much like the above) and then tried to divert from the subject at hand. As I am getting set up to work, I hear the director right in front of my desk say something of the same opinion as my Facebook friend and best friend. This is the point at which I thought it best to put my ear buds in, turn the music up and get to work. I realize, too, that people have an issue with us, as Americans, reacting like other countries do by running out into the streets and screaming, raising the flag. I heard they even flocked over to Pres. George W's house here in Dallas. That is a little extreme if you ask me but they have that right. Everyone is different in their reactions and feelings and it's their right to have those reactions and feelings and express them in a public forum.  The below image is the first thing that came up when I googled for images of rejoicing over bin Laden's death. This really bothers me.

It was labeled "Suicide Bomber".
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