Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kids Do Grow Up

It's hitting me really hard today how my kids are growing up so fast. Michael is no longer a teenager and Alyssa is 18 years old. How did that happen? I feel like I've just taken motherhood by the balls and never looked back. Most of the time, it just came natural to me how to deal with whatever was thrown at me. I've always thought I had an instinct about how to raise my children. Yes, there were times, like when they were sick or doing things I didn't exactly expect, that I had to take a step back and rethink how I was going to handle "it" but I did it and I believe we all came out for the better. (These are the things I think will probably come back to haunt me in about ten years.)

Four kids later, I have one out of high school and out of the house taking care of himself and am about to have my second high school graduate with one following very close behind. You would think that with Jonathan going into junior high next year I wouldn't be so on edge about all these changes. WRONG! For one, he is a different child all together. I've tried never to compare my kids and I would hope they would tell you I haven't compared them to each other. It's just that I look at where I was seven years ago, when I became a single mom, to where I am today. So proud of all of the kids accomplishments and decisions that have had to be made over the years and of myself for still having it together, so to speak.

Michael playing in his band, Mouth of the South
Michael is working full time at Six Flags and has started back playing with his friends in Mouth of the South. I think he is finally at a good place in his life. He seems very happy and excited about being able to persue his music, which is where his heart is. I know some people think that all kids should go to college right out of high school. I am not one of those people. I didn't go until I was 20 and didn't finish because of having kids too quickly. Everyone has their own style and pace at which to take life. I like to think that I let my kids do their own thing and just support them - as long as it's legal and all. As a parent we all just want our kids to be happy, right? That's all I want. I raised them to be independant and self-confident in their decisions. Musically, Michael is an amazing musician. When I hear him play and sing, it always amazes me. He can play guitar and piano and has a beautiful voice. One of these days he will let me go see his band play!

Kelsey & Alyssa - UNT Roomies
This past weekend was full of awards ceremonies for Alyssa. It started Thursday night with the Senior Awards for all Seniors all awards. I have learned NOT to go to these things with an agenda. Go and stay until it's over...which could be one hour or three. This particular even last two hours. There have been a lot of accomplishments from the Class of 2011. Alyssa is graduating with NHS and IB Honors. To the right she is pictures with her IB hood. She received this Saturday during the IB Senior Celebration Luncheon which was actually very fun, good food, and lasted an hour longer than it was scheduled. For the first time in a very long time, I saw Alyssa cry. She doesn't usually cry, much less in public. The ceremony was for Trinity and Bell. The teachers and students coordinated very well together and it was very entertaining. One of the funniest things they did was to show this video spoof of Hitler finding out that he failed the IB HL Math test and didn't receive his IB Diploma.....which is a real possibility. It's hilarious. You should watch it. It's an excerpt from the movie about Hitler with subtitles.

Benjamin and Curtis Mayo after the orchestra concert

Benjamin has once again made first chair Band One at LD Bell. He also made Brass Captain for next year. He was also accepted into the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra. Out of over 100 trombonists that tried out, they picked five and he was one of the five. That will take up much of his summer along with taking extra courses that he doesn't want to waste time on during next school year. He will be a Senior taking IB and in NHS as well. It's amazing to realize that I have such smart, accomplished children.

Jonathan posing for a picture
Jonathan will finish elementary school on Friday. He will no longer be big man on campus, but 7th grade in a new school making new friends along with having the old friends. He will be playing the Bassoon (See the picture of Curtis above) and participating in football - which will be interesting as he isn't a very sport oriented boy but I think it will serve him well. He is also going to try French instead of Spanish like the other kids did in 7th grade. I will be very interested to see how well he does with learning another language. We went to his 6th Grade End of the Year Party on Saturday night and he seemed to really have a good time. I hardly ever saw him the whole four hours we were there, so that's always a good thing. At the beginning of the school year I was very worried that he was trying to sabbatoge his last year of elementary so that he didn't have to go to junior high. Now, I believe he is really as ready as he can be. He could stand to have better friends, but he is seeing that without me having to point it out to him.

So things around the house are going to be changing more and more over the next few months. More to come on that - people moving out and people moving in - but it's always a good thing. My life really hasn't changed too drastically all that much in quite a while. It's time to stir things up, don't ya think??
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Andy said...

I can attest to the fact that being a mother has always been your main goal. I'm glad it worked out well for you as a career choice. They do seem like nice kids. They seem happy and you seem happy. And, yes, it is probably a fine time to shake things up.