Monday, April 25, 2011

Shaking Things Up a Bit

It's been a while. It's not like nothing's been going on, but really, not a whole lot's been going on. But that's about to change. Let me do a quick run-down since the last blog. Michael is officially moved out and living with a friend in Arlington, working and finding out what it's like to be a "responsible adult". Alyssa has completed her IB requirements and next week starts all the major testing to make sure she gets her IB diploma. Benjamin is being inducted into the National Honor Society this coming Monday. Jonathan has decided to play the Bassoon next year in junior high. We will get a call in May telling us if that works with his schedule since he is also doing Pre AP Math and there will be a shortage of teachers which messes with scheduling.

Having not really felt like blogging in a while, it caused me to think about doing something different with this blog. My brother, Andy, and a friend, Michelle, who's blogs I read, have mentioned the same thing and now I sort a feel like a copy-cat so to speak. There is another woman I work with that writes a very funny blog. If I could go that route, I sure would. Unfortunately for me, or maybe not, that idea is kinda out because I have geared this to be about me and my kids.And while I have had a rant or two now and then, it's been rather tame and, dare I say it, boring for a while. I am also a little intimidated that there are people out there that read this that I don't really know about and I do not want to offend anyone. I am not always tactful with my words, let's be honest.

As I am not much into controversy, I hesitate to talk about subjects that would upset or shock anyone. But.....yes, there is a but....I would like to just voice an opinion about something I saw on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. It's about kids and how we raise them in public school. This is a choice that we, as parents, will make once we have a child entering kindergarten. (The choice is public, private or home schooling, by the way.) Having experienced home schooling and public school, I will tell you that I am glad that my children have gone to public school because of the experiences and opportunities that they have had. I am also glad that, for the older three of my kids, I was able to play a bigger part in their education than I would have if they went straight to public school in kindergarten like Jonathan did. As with anything in life, there have been ups and downs, but one thing that seemed consistent to me is that there are bullies and bad teachers everywhere. You have to learn how to react when you child tells you that some "bully kid" threatened them or some teacher didn't react the way you thought they should.

It does irk me when a parent thinks their child can do no wrong and wants to proclaim to the Facebook world how angry they are and ask for sympathy for their poor, sweet baby. Believe me, I have not been without controversy at school. I have had to call a conference with a teacher, my child and the principal. I have had to confront a few teachers in my day. The one thing I didn't do was blast it all over the social media...ok there may have been one small incident with Jonathan at the beginning of the year....and honestly, I probably wasn't even on Facebook when the majority of my issues occurred, but either's irritating to us parents who have already had a reality check and realize that, if you choose to put your child in ANY form of school there will be issues. The ONLY way to avoid this is to keep them at home forever. And then you have a mess on your hands....just sayin'.
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