Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 - The Best Year Yet???

That's the goal, isn't it? To make the new year better than the last year? How do you go about that exactly? It's not like you can snap your fingers at the stroke of midnight and all the crap in your little world becomes cookies. Yes, I know, it's all in the attitude. Keeping that great attitude up sometimes might require great amounts of drugs, maybe even the illegal kind, which is not something I am willing to go for.

Personally, I always have hope that this new year will be better than the year I just left. So how am I going to help my attitude and have a better outlook on things? For one, I am desperately trying to learn from my past, the mistakes, the failures, the accomplishments - all of it for there have been many of each. Someone said to me once, "A mistake is never stupid unless you didn't learn from it." I have made mistakes several times before I learned from them but I finally got it!

I have a few personal goals for this year.

1) Spend more time with my girl friends and quit sitting around the house alone so much.
2) Exercise in any form. I live in a beautiful little neighborhood where people walk all the time. I can do that.
3) Manage my money better. The economy still isn't all that great and I hear rumors at work. Get started.
4) Pray and read more. These two go hand in hand to me because they are both theraputic and soul cleansing.

There are times of reflection in ones life and most everyone uses January 1 to reflect on theirs. I look at my future and think of things that I would rather be doing than the things I'm doing right now. I would like a different career path, but that would require going back to school. I could check into it. A lot of people go back to school in their 40's. I have friends doing it right now. If I didn't have to work I could do that for sure. I just need to concentrate on one thing at a time. Ok, maybe that's something I will do this year.

Then there are those days when I wish I was still this little girl in the bathtub, playing with bath bubbles with her favorite brother.....

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