Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Even though you live here.....

...doesn't mean you've seen all the attractions. I was born at Baylor Hospital in Dallas on July 27, 1967, about four and a half years after President Kennedy came through on his motorcade and was shot in the back of the head and killed. Sorry, it's true. It's what happened. This past weekend was my first time to actually go down there and see the place where it happened and go to the Sixth Floor Museum where Oswald supposedly camped out and shot from the window with his sniper rifle.

That's it on the right there. Check out the window on the far right - up six floors. That's where he was - supposedly. Now, I believe it was him. I believe he was there. But I will admit, the conspirators were pretty convincing.

The day was perfect. My company was a very sweet guy I have come to really enjoy being around. And yes, I actually like walking around if there is something to look at. We took the TRE from a station close to the house to the Union Station in Dallas just blocks from Dealey Plaza. At first, there weren't too many people around, but by the time we left the museum it was pretty much packed. I found it interesting how people would go stand in the middle of the road by the "X" where Kennedy was shot just to get a picture - no mind that they were about to get mowed over by a coming car. (see photo to your left)

Inside the museum you were given headphones to listen to as you walked around the displays explaining in great detail every single step that was taken on that fateful trip to Dallas. I just kept thinking about how my mom was working in Dallas that day. She has a picture she took as the motorcade drove past her office building. She was working for Blue Cross/Blue Shield and they let everyone step away from their desks to go outside and see them as they drove by. When people started talking about it later, much later, wanting to start the Sixth Floor Museum, I remember my mom would always go to public meetings they were having. She was very fascinated with all the talk. She was there that day. I would have done the same thing.

There is something else I want to do down there and hopefully one day I will....go spend a night at the Hotel Lawrence. It's supposedly haunted. I love haunted.....I think.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

A normal day around here is pretty much me getting up after hitting my snooze three to four times, get halfway ready for work, wake up Jonathan (but not Alyssa anymore since she has first period release and gets herself to school) make sure Jonathan is in the shower, finish getting ready for work, make sure to keep Jonathan on task so that we can get out the door some time between 7:15 and 7:30, drive him around the corner to the school crosswalk and then drive 25 miles (45 minutes) to work, work my full day, drive another 25 miles and 45 minutes back home and do whatever needs to be done that night.

This past week was way different. I hadn't used my floating holiday at work yet, was hoping for a half day on Wednesday and had Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving. So, I decided this would be a good week to take some time for myself and just relax. The only day I worked was Tuesday, odd but it worked for me. One day a week - I could so handle that if I would still get paid what I get paid. Michael has been living in Forney for about a month and came home on Sunday and Ben came over on Tuesday night to spend the week at my house. I was so excited and sort prepared for a house full of my kids again. It's been a little while.

We didn't have any plans except that I was going to cook Thanksgiving lunch and then they were going to their grandparents to spend the day with their dad's side of the family. There was a lot of relaxing and a little bit of cleaning. Having them home just reminds me how life is a constantly changing process. It definitely makes me thankful for my children and gives me great hope that there will be a day of little grandbabies running around. I know that's a long way off and not something a lot of parents of teenagers are looking forward to, but I love babies, obviously. I want them to be ready for a family and when that time comes I will be ready to be a gramma.

But for now, this is what I deal with ----->
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Monday, November 22, 2010

On Being Thankful

It is the start of the Thanksgiving holiday. I haven't written on here in over two months. I thought today I should write about what I am thankful for. My day hasn't been all that great and I think I need an attitude change or possibly a change of focus. When I feel the way I feel today, it makes me focus on negative things and I really need to retreat with my thoughts and look at all the blessings I have. So here is what I'm thankful for:

My kids are my family. They are my life. Without them I can't imagine where I would be today or what in the heck I would be doing with my life. I have a handsome 19 year old son who has begun the pilgrimage out of my home into his own life. He lives in Forney now and plays in a christian rock band. He has been called into ministry, however that is done for him, and he loves life. After him is my beautiful 17 year old daughter. She makes me so proud because of the woman that she is becoming. She is in National Honor Society and International Baccalaureate at school. She will graduate with honors May 2011. Next is my wonderful 16 year old son who is so talented and smart it just floors me. He is also in International Baccalaureate and will join National Honor Society at the end of this school year. His talent for music and his trombone is a gift that he truly has a passion for. And finally, there is my sweet 11 year old son - a surprise and such a blessing to everyone who knows him. His zest for life is something to behold. His imagination is beyond anything I have seen from his siblings. He has a passion for discovery and I can't wait to see what is in store for his future. Next year he will start a whole new chapter in his life when he goes to Jr. high school.

As I live my life, I see my children growing up and breaking away from my wings - moving on to have their own lives and becoming their own person. They don't tell you how this will make you feel in all the baby books. They don't talk about it much because it's too scary. I believe, if parents knew how it would feel to have to let your sweet baby go one day they just might think twice before having children. If I had been given the chance to feel what I feel right now - the pride and the pain - would it have helped me decide to have children for the pride or helped me decide not to take the chance and endure the pain of letting go?

Through all of the heartache, through all of the pains of birth, through all of the ups and downs of watching them grow up, I would give my life for any one of my kids. I would go through it all over again just to know that I have the gift of being a mom to these four wonderful people.

For them -

I am thankful
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