Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And I took a couple of months off

It's been a little over two months since I've blogged. It's not like I haven't had anything going on, I just have had the opportunity to blog. They blocked the site at work, which is silly because we can still get on a lot of other sites, like Facebook. I would only blog during lunch and now I can't even do that. By the time I get home, I am either too tired to think or have to work my second job. I am determined to blog at least once a week though. I just have to. It's good for the soul. Oh, plus my computer was on the fritz for a little bit, so that didn't help matters any at all.

(Warning: This is a little bit of a repeat) Over the summer, the kids went on a Mission Trip to San Antonio to help with church renovations there. It was nice just to be home with me and Jonathan and not have to do the whole teenager "I have to go 50 places" thing. We both missed them at first, but got used to it and were then ready for them to come home. They each seemed very changed by the experience and made new friends in the process. Since we have had this new pastor and a lot of his congregation has come over from his last church, it's been a real adjustment for the youth. This experience truly brought them so much closer together. I would even consider going next year if I can manage the days off.

After the Mission Trip, Alyssa and Benjamin went to youth camp - Newbreed. Apparently, this was the last year they were having it (or is next year the last year? I forget). Anyway, I was so glad they were there together. It seemed to have been a wonderful experience for both of them. Getting closer to God and finding out exactly who you are in Him is always a good thing. I went up there, like usual, on Thursday night, to sit through their evening worship meeting. It's always so good and so lively. There are times I miss going to a church like that, but I know the place I am is where God wants the whole family to be. We have beautiful, wonderful relationships.

Michael spent the week after they got back traveling to the Cornerstone Festival with the band, Mouth of the South. They went o Bushnell, Illinois, and from what I could tell and the pictures I saw, they had an amazing time. It was very much a Woodstock type of gathering. I didn't hear from Michael at all, except a curteousy text saying that they had arrived at their destination. That is until Friday. He called to tell me that he had ripped his pants and wanted to know if I could sew them up. To hear him tell me how it happened was just priceless. Something about rockin' out really hard and then jumping caused his pants to rip from the crotch to the knee. I assured him I could get new pants but wasn't even going to try to sew up an old pair of jeans that had been cut off to long short. No.

Gosh. And that was only June!
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