Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's All About Accomplishments With Us Lately

Band try-outs for 2010-2011 were a week ago. Ben has set very high standards for himself and I will admit, I used to get a little worried about his expectations. Last year he insisted that he make first band or he would not be happy. Knowing the competition and what it would take to make first band with Bell, I was hesitant, even though he is very good at his instrument. He did not disappoint. He made 3rd chair first band, beating out all juniors and three seniors for that spot. He was one of only five sophomores to even make the first band.

This year, knowing all of the seniors would be gone, he just HAD to make first chair. After all, he went to All State this year. He is really good. This year, I knew he could do it. And - he did. My son, a junior, made first chair, first band with L.D. Bell. I wanted to take him to dinner or something but he had been asked to go to the choir banquet, so there was not going to be dinner. We did go get him some music on Saturday. He wants to go ahead and get a head start on the All State music, although I am not sure he knows exactly which one it is, he does know the book it will come out of.

As I always do, I made an announcement about this on my Facebook and immediately got a message from a friend of mine from high school. Her son is going into the 6th grade next year and in their school district they start band in middle school. He is going to be playing the trombone and she asked if Ben would be interested in teaching her son a little bit about the horn before school starts. My first reaction was that he should learn along with all of the other kids just like Michael and Alyssa did. We were told not to let the kids touch their instrument over the summer or they would get bored in class when school started. Ben, however, had the trombone that I learned with and immediately picked it up and started learning to play by ear before he started 7th grade and look at him now.

He was more than eager to say that he would definitely like to teach and began to spout to me about what all he needed and what he wanted to do to help this boy get started. He definitely has the teach gene.

Congratulations Ben! I am very proud of you!!
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