Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter and Stuff

This year was the first Easter in quite a while, probably 6 years, that I have had my kids with me. Usually, for some reason, their visitation always feel on their dad's weekend. Since that isn't an issue anymore, they are with the for all holidays, which makes me happy.

The picture above just makes me smile. I posted this on my Facebook page on Sunday and I get a call from my brother who just loved the individuality of each of the kids. This picture really does show how each of them are in every day life. They each have a personality of their own, and yes, Alyssa and Ben are really that close, Michael is also "that cool" and Jonathan, well, yes, he is that silly. I had them stop at the front door for a picture. They started to do the line up and get situated until I said, "Not formal. Be silly." This is what I got.

I love this time of year. It definitely has to be my favorite in terms of weather and smells in the air. Being able to open up the windows or sit outside and not feel like you are going to freeze to death or instantaniously combust because of the heat - you can't beat that. Last night, I sat at the pool with Jonathan and his friend, Nahir (who lives upstairs and is in class with him) at the pool so that they could "sit in the hot tub". This turned into them jumping into the pool and the hot tub. All I could say was, "Don't swallow that nasty water. I got sick once when I swallowed nasty pool water." How motherly was that of me? They were having fun and getting all that energy out - they weren't listening to me.

Easter is about new life, Jesus Christ and all things holy. For my family, I feel like this is certainly a time of renewal and change. Enjoy the changes and grow from them.
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