Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Celebration

If you know me very well, you know that this is not one of my favorite "holidays". I used to love it-before I was tarnished by life. This year, the church held their very first Valentine's Day Banquet. Being the musical family that we are, Michael and Benjamin transformed into singer from by-gone years and performed some goodies but oldies. And, if I do say so myself, they did a darn good job! In the top picture, Michael is the Monkeys.

Benjamin and Mallory actually opened the show with a performance of the Frank Sinatra hit "LOVE". Don't they make a really cute couple? Too bad she has a boyfriend!

Then there was the "Elvis" Michael. I wish he hadn't had the paper with the lyrics on it constantly up at his face, but it was a good performans anyway.  I believe someone recorded the whole show, which included many other groups and performers. If so, I will have a copy of that very soon! I had one lady come up afterwards and ask if my other two children were as musically talented as Michael and Benjamin. You know what? They are. They just don't want to get up in front of anyone and sing. Alyssa has a beautiful voice and I only know this because she sings when she has her iPod in her ears. Jonathan also has a good singing voice, but again, doesn't want to do it in front of anyone. I would love to have us all sing together one day - wishful thinking.

This was probably the best way to spend a Valentine's Day that I could have ever thought of.

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Amen. Dad & Lene