Wednesday, February 3, 2010


My posts have been slow as of late, so I was just sitting here thinking about what I could write about. I'm sure " you all" love hearing about all the things my kids do, and believe me, there are things coming up, but this post is about me.

Recently, I have been putting myself in "time-out" alot. I have made mention of this on my Facebook, which has gotten me some funny comments from friends of mine. So I thought maybe I could just do a little talking about this. When the kids were little, they would get put in time out. Now that they are older, I just decided to start putting myself in time-out. It seems to work really well, although I have a feeling that if I over do it, I won't get as big of a reaction from the kids.

In my house, we have pretty much an open door policy. The boys have always had to share a room (well for the last 6 years anyway) and Alyssa has always had her own room. In the duplex, we actually entered the house from the garage into my room through one of the two back doors. My rooms was more like the living room than the living room was. It was great to have that during the adjustment of going through the divorce. We were able to just spend time together. Now that we are in the apartment, I have my room back and the kids are respectful of that.

That being said, I have come up with a way to keep myself from getting frustrated in front of my kids. I just put myself in my room, tell the kids that they can't come in until I open the door, shut the door and think about whatever it is that is frustrating me at the moment. My friends get a real kick out of it, but my bet is that they are trying the same thing at their house.

I will be catching up on my posts so keep lookin' out for updates!
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