Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jazz Band 2010

Benjamin is going to college to become a band director - in a few years. He is incredibly focused on music and, I have to say, very good at it. At Bell, he has the opportunity to take a Jazz Band class along with his other band class. Michael took this class last year. It is very enjoyable for the parents, because, for their final they have a concert.

While I have attended many, many....many band concerts in my day, I have to say that the Jazz Band concert is definitely the most enjoyable of anything I have had the priviledge to attend (sense the sarcasm here). This year was no different.

They perform four songs and in between each song, they give a little jazz history about the person who wrote the next song they are about to play. They have trumpets, trombones, saxaphones, a pianist, drummer, bass guitar player and a "regular" guitar player. They also throw in a singer for one song, which is always fun. You don't get that at a regular band concert.

This year, as with last year, they perform (insert song here) in which several of the students step out and play their own jazzy solo. I don't know what it is about my kids that they don't want to give me a heads up about this stuff, but Ben had a solo to perform as well. I overheard Michael telling his friend. That's how I found out....anyway, it was really good and, from what I could tell (and he confirmed later) he "nailed it". I can't tell you the sense of pride I get when I see my children performing.

I can't help but imagine the day that I go see him direct his first band. I know that is many years away, but it will be such a proud moment for me - just like it was the first time I heard him play.
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