Monday, January 11, 2010

The Road to All State

Four years ago, I would have never thought that when I "forced" Ben to play the trombone that he would be as talented as he has turned out to be. That's not to say I don't believe in my children, I just know I NEVER played my trombone as well as he has played his. I guess I never thought I would produce such talented kids!

This past weekend, my Mom, Dad and stepmother all took a trip to Odessa to support Ben on his quest to be in the Texas All State band. He went with the 15 kids from Bell along with the Bell Choir and Trinity Band and Choir kids who were auditioning as well. It was a long trip down and back with not a lot happening in between. Saturday was spent mostly sitting and waiting and listening to a high school cafeteria of incredibly talented kids practicing for their chance to say they are the best in the state.

As we were all standing there, staring at the wall of results, waiting for the result poster to walk through the door, Ben's private lesson teacher walked up to him and his trombone friend, Rebecca, and told them their results. It lessened the blow, which I think was very sweet. Rebecca is a senior and missed the mark by one chair. Ben missed it by eight chairs, but he is a sophomore and has two more years to try again.

The ride home was fun with Ben in the middle of me and my mom in the back of the car. He got some special attention and one on one time with the grandparents. We were the only parents from HEB there, which did surprise me, but I would do it again next year. Anything to support my kids.
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