Friday, January 15, 2010

A Baptism and A Brithday

This week started off with the busy weekend turn around trip to Odessa. Sunday morning, we had to get to church a little earlier because Jonathan was getting baptized during the very first part of the service. This was January 10, Baptism Sunday. The other kids were all baptized in a swimming pool because the church we went to when they were this age was a non-denominational, very nontraditional church. They had a baptism on wheels. During the summer though, they would have a church gathering at a local pool center and do baptisms there. Usually, it was also right after church camp, which meant more children had asked to be baptized.

Benjamin was "re-baptized" a few years ago at FUMC. I'm really not sure why he chose to do that, but it was fine with me. It helped introduce me to the church and probably played a big part in why I started going there. It reminds me of the way I was baptized, in the church baptism, standing on the stood and having to put your feet under the bar so that, when you were "dunked" your feet didn't go flying.

The whole family was there to support Jonathan. It was a really nice day for him and a great prelude to his 11th birthday.....which was that Thursday. He had already had a party with friends when he was with his dad the weekend before (while we were in Odessa) so I just decided to get some pizza and a cake and have my parents over. I have to say, it was probably the most relaxed time I have had with family in a very long time. I don't have a kitchen table yet, so we just sat around on the couch, floor, wherever and had a little pizza and some cake and opened gifts.

I can't believe he is already 11 years old. He has grown up so much and I am so proud of him. The way he thinks is so interesting. For example, the church had started this Wednesday night class for kids his age.(If anyone from there reads this, please do not be offended by this next part.) He went a couple of times but really didn't like it. When I asked him why he said, "It needs color." So, of course, I said, "What do you mean?" He said, "you know, like when something is fun there is a lot of color in the room. There is no color in the class. It's all very black and white." I asked him if he told anyone that and he said he did. It just seemed too much like school, so he doesn't go anymore. Hopefully, it will get better and he can go back. Next year he will be in 6th grade and I think that's when he will be allowed to go to the youth classes. Wow, that is incredible that I just wrote that.

I have to say I am not one of those parents who reminisces about the past and how my children were when they were little. I do think about it, but not like I wish they were little again. I like that my kids are growing up and moving on with having their own lives. I believe that is our job as parents - to raise children who are capable and willing to move out and have a life of their own. I want to be included in a small way into the life they create for themselves. I want to be welcomed into it, but I also want there to come a day that I am on my own again and hopefully, I will have someone special to spend that time with.

As you can see by the picture, Jonathan has a fascination with his grampa's hat. He finally got brave enough to ask him if he could put it on.

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