Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Live Nativity 2009

Ben and Taylor

The church we belong to is right on a busy corner of the highway and a popular street that runs through Bedford. It is a large church that is extremely hard to miss if you pass it more than once. For over 20 years (I'm guessing here) they have done a "Live Nativity" on the corner. Last year the church didn't do it because no one would step up and help organize and ask church members to participate. Admittedly, I was disappointed. As long as I had live in that area I saw the activity going on and this year I was a member and no one wanted to participate.

Thankfully, someone from the church stepped up and organized the whole thing and did a great job, I might add. It helps that we have a Youth Pastor who is very adamant that the youth participate in pretty much every event. While my kids get a little miffed sometimes, I think she is right in "asking" them to help out. Alyssa was supposed to help out on Friday night but she got a job and needed to work. Benjamin played a shepard on Friday and Michael played one on Saturday. I didn't get a picture of Michael....sorry Jerry G.

Basically, people dress up like Mary, Joseph, the shepards and magi and then they have a company bring live animals so that people will stop in and come up and see the animals and we can introduce them to our church. I have to say, it was very inticing. the church has an easy access parking lot, which makes it less intimidating to get out and come see what's going on. It made me proud to be standing there watching the kids walk up to "Mary" and "Joseph" like they were Santa Clause. The parents would take pictures with all of the "cast".

I hope that a year never goes by again where they don't do this.

The "Baby Jesus" is facinated with my little shepard boy

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