Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Snow

It was an amazing site! Snow was actually falling for HOURS on Christmas Eve. I was pleasantly surprised when it started about mid-morning and continued into the late afternoon. There was a small concern that this would keep us from going to church for the Christmas Eve service. Later that evening, the news was reporting many churches cancelling their services. Thanksfully, we do not live far from our church, so no matter what, we would be there.

Michael was playing Joseph in the finally part of the Nativity story that has been told to the children each Sunday.

We left early enough to get mom from her house and then get to the church safely. The snow was definitely going to turn into ice at some point during the night, we just didn't know when.

I do remember having snowy Christmases when I was little. I probably remember this more from seeing pictures because I was pretty little, under five years old, I think. It's nice to have this for my kids when they can remember it. The snow fell and blew most of the day as Jonathan was the only brave one to venture out in it. The rest of us just wanted to stay inside where we were warm. The thing about living in Texas is, normally you aren't really prepared for snow when it comes to the proper clothing. In our house, we tend to layer. We don't have those big, heavy coats because, for the cost, we won't use them near enough and then the whole out-growing thing. It just gets to be too expensive.

Alyssa took some amazing pictures at the house. I will blog on that in a little bit. They are beautiful, if I do say so myself!
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