Sunday, November 1, 2009

Three Months and We are Finally Moving

Back in August, it became aparent that I was going to need to find a new place to live. My current living situation - the one I have had since my divorce 6 years ago - worked while it needed to work. I guess you could say it was good while it lasted - not really but you could say that.

So, three months ago, I called the apartment complex across from Jonathan's school. That is where I wanted to move and I was going to be a little picky about what type of apartment I was going to move into. I wasn't necessarily being forced out of where I am now, but I was feeling the need for it to be soon. When I called the apartment, my request was the largest floor plan (for obvious reasons) and on the first floor. The first floor thing was really a must. The last time I lived here for a very brief month in 2003, we were put on the third floor. I was in more of a hurry then. I wasn't this time.

As it turned out, they had just had a couple put in their notice that very day. The problem - they wouldn't be out until the end of October so we couldn't move in until November 7th. I was going to make due and take this time to get rid of those things that I knew I wouldn't want to take with me. I didn't want to move like I had in the past - taking items with me that I really didn't want or need. Just move the necessary stuff. That was my moto for the last three months. I went through cabinets and drawers and tossed junk and gave things away. The church had a garage sale, so instead of me having my own garage sale, I gave my stuff to the church in hopes that they would be able to get money for the youth. It was a selfish act on my part. I hate doing garage sales.

The huge dining table, china cabinet and buffet had to go. As much as I loved it, I wasn't going to have room for it anymore. I managed to sell it to a lady who found my add on She was so excited because she had the exact china cabinet and never had the table or buffet that went with it. Her husband wasn't thrilled but it was apparent that they had the house for it and he was fighting a loosing battle. She promised me that she would show me the finished product after she redid the chairs and table top. I can't wait to see it! It's nice that it went to someone who was going to love it as much as I did.

The above picture is what my dining room looks like at the moment. I was to be uber organized so that when all my friends show up to help move, I can just say this, this and this and there won't be too many questions. The youth pastor from our church posted an event on facebook and invited everyone that is a member of our youth group site. So far it's about 7 people, including Michael, Ben and me. I am so blessed to be apart of this church. It is very comforting. So, I will let you know how the move goes. Six more days!!
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Andy Baker said...

How have things been since the move? Did the move go well? How do you like your new place? (It's time to blog again.)