Friday, November 20, 2009

A Dancing with the Stars of sorts

A few posts ago, I wrote about how Jonathan was taking this dance class at school. Friday was the performance to show friends and family what they had been learning. Apparently, this is part of the curriculum for HEBISD and was started after Benjamin left to go to junior high, so Jonathan is the first of my kids to take this class. I truly think he has enjoyed the whole process. It's interaction with girls and he is in the 5th grade. It seems like a good introduction to how to be a gentleman and who can argue with that?

Grampa and Grandy came to watch, too. It was very interesting to hear the dance teacher's explain the teaching process and how each dance had rhymn or reason to how the steps were done. The kids were split into four different groups, each group performing two different dances. All of the kids did so well. I don't think I saw one boy who wasn't at least sort of having a good time. The girls all seemed to enjoy it, but maybe that's because we are all taught this is more of a girl thing, I don't know. What guy wouldn't at least want to learn a few dance steps to get by on the dance floor?

Jonathan had asked Michael if he could come to watch, too. That morning, as I woke Jonathan up for school, he said, "I hope Michael can come watch me today." I assured him that he would be there. Later that day, I was talking to Michael on the phone and told him what Jonathan said. He had heard the whole conversation. He, Logan and Austin were all there to watch Jonathan show us what he had learned. Oh, to be ten again.

This is Jonathan and Michael's stepbrother, Avery. I didn't notice him out there in time to get a picture of him with his dance partner, but I was glad to see him afterwards. What a bunch these boys make.
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