Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Things School Offer Now

Elementary school has changed. That's a good thing. There are stories all over the news that schools around here are cutting out physical education or recess or both. I am happy to report that Bedford Heights hasn't cut out either. I know that they fluctuate music/art and PE every other day, but we still have it. I don't remember if I heard this from Ashleigh, Michael's girlfriend, or from Jonathan himself, but they offer this dance class during PE day and Jonathan has decided to participate. I assume it's an optional thing, but either way, I am so glad he likes it.

Ashleigh helps in the after school program this year, so she sees Jonathan every day before he goes home. I sort of wish he was still in Extended Day now that she is there, but she is with the littlest kids so he wouldn't be with her anyway. She has told me how cute the dance class thing is and how much Jonathan seems to enjoy dancing. They switch partners all the time so he doesn't always have to dance with the same person. Note in the picture that he is dancing with a boy. I like that they aren't seperating them into boys and girls together. They aren't making a big deal about a boy dancing with a boy. Also, note the dance teacher in the back ground. She is the one in the dress and dancing shoes. The teacher dancing with the student there is the PE teacher.

I asked Jonathan how he is liking dance class and he responded, "I hate it"...with a smirk. "Really? Because you just told me you really liked it." "Oh yeah I do." Ha ha ha...he thought he was pulling a fast one. I am very much about my kids not being embarassed about what ever it is they like. If he wants to dance, I am all for him dancing. I can't wait for him to get to junior high and be able to participate in school activities. He is built more like a line backer, but I can't see him playing football - ever. And from the experience I had with Michael and Benjamin, he wouldn't be able to handle the ignorant coaches either. Pretty sure that's out of the question but I am fine with that. Band is much more important than the athletics he could participate in. He's probably more of a basketball guy anyway.

So that's the update on Jonathan. I know he gets left out at this time of year.
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Jamie said...

Oh Kathy, I think Dylan would cringe if I posted a pic of him dancing. It's NOT optional; all 5th graders have to participate. Dylan dreaded the thought of it all summer but he loves it now that it's happening. It's funny to hear the two of them talk about it after school. I think they both dance on the same days but one is in the cafeteria and the other in the gym.


searching for life said...

Let's just say...Jonathan has no clue I posted this picture. The longer that stays a secret, the longer he will still think I am the greatest mom ever!