Tuesday, October 6, 2009

March-a-thon and a Drive Down Memory Lane

Saturday was the annual March-a-thon for the LD Bell Band. Last year I walked with the band and realized I wasn’t as fit as I thought I was. This year I decided to just drive and meet them at each rest stop. They started at my old junior high – Hurst Junior High. I missed that part but I met them at the first water break which was at my old elementary school, Hurst Hills Elementary School. It was so weird walking in the door because it looked absolutely nothing like I remembered 30 something years ago. It is so fun to see Ben interact with his friends. He is really liked among all the kids in band. He’s a pretty likeable kid, though. It’s a little awkward for me to be alone at these things. There are a few parents that I enjoy talking to, but they aren’t always where I am.

After chatting with the kids, I took off and went driving through the old neighborhood. It is so interesting to see “the woods” that we would walk through to get to school. They are still there with a sign that designates them as some type of park now…although there is no playground in there. Driving around trying to remember who lived where and seeing that most houses really haven’t changed that much. The trees have all gotten bigger and I would imagine the inside of a lot of these houses are updated, but the outside is still the same.

If I am ever remotely near this neighborhood I take my kids by the house that I grew up in. We moved there when I was one month old and we moved out during the middle of my 9th grade year. I will never forget it. My dad had just moved his practice to the other side of Hurst. I had the 9th grade Band Sweetheart award. I lost. I wasn’t a happy girl. It was December 15th, 1981. I don’t know why I remember that date specifically and I can’t guarantee it’s exact, but I think it’s pretty close.

The next stop was Chick-Fil-A so there I was waiting for them as they rounded the corner. They were going to perform their show music and then I would be able to visit a little bit more. These kids march a total of six miles (I believe) and it always amazes me how much stamina they have. I hope it’s as fun for them to do as it is fun for us to watch. From there they went to Donna Park Elementary to have a break for lunch. After that was started and the kids were resting, I decided to go home and get a few things done before needing to go pick Ben up for the day.

I love the LD Bell Band and what they represent. It is such a proud moment in time for me to see what great musicians my children are. If you are in the area, you should visit the bands website, www.ldbellband.org and find out what they are doing and where they will be.
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