Monday, October 26, 2009

BOA San Antonio

What a weekend! Michael, Alyssa and I left on Friday afternoon with Ashleigh and her parents and her Uncle Jim. We got to San Antonio REALLY late, slept a little and Danielle, Michael and I headed out to see the Pflugerville Band. My good friend from high school, Tricia, has a daughter who marches in the band and I wanted to be there to support her. It was her first time at BOA San Antonio. The band is mostly sophomores. They could use the extra support. Plus, I wanted to see Tricia. It's been five years. I'm always up for a reunion. I must say, they did amazing! I really would have liked to see them in finals. After all was said and done, they came in 18th out of 50, which is certainly something to be proud of! I hope they come back next year. They definitely have a fight chance!

Bell performed last - 3:30 that afternoon. I had not seen this much of the show AND they chose to wear their new jacket instead of waiting until finals to show it off. Amazing. That's all I can say. I actually shed a tear for the first time in many shows.

While they were performing, I looked over and this is what I saw. Michael was SO intent watching the band. He was counting the can't tell it from the picture, but it touched my heart. You can see in Ashleigh and Alyssa's face - they were paying close attention too. They made a few obvious mistakes, but came out very well winning the Outstanding Visual Effect and coming in second in the Class AAAA awards. They got a talking to and came out fight in the finals. The entrance to the show brings a hush across the crowd. They certainly have a presence. Everyone wants to see them.

They won Outstanding Visual Effect and Outstanding General Effect...and won first place in the competition. I was so excited for Ben and for the band. They have some tough competition this year. I am always amazed at how great the other bands are and how much work they put into their show. We came back to watch all of the finals bands. This is probably my favorite part of the competition.

This is me and Ben - of course. What a proud moment for all of us. I will post about what else we did while we were in San Antonio. This is Michael and a long time friend, Daniel, showin' his baby brother some love.

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