Sunday, October 11, 2009

BOA Arlington Champions

Getting up at 5:30 in the morning is never fun. Getting up to go see the best band ever perform is always worth it. Ben and I were up, reluctantly, getting him ready to go warm up and take the field for Prelims at 9:30 in the morning at UT Arlington. As always, there was a game the night before, so neither of us had gotten much sleep. Watching other bands march is always fun to me. This day, I got there in just enough time to see the band before Bell. They were from New Mexico and I thought they were really good. They didn't make it to the finals. After Bell marched there was a break. I went down with the other parents to wait for the band and just be there so Ben could see me. You can't talk to them but there is just something about standing with all the other parents so that your child feels a twinge of love. It's important to him - it's important to me.

I decided to go home and make something of my day rather than my initial plan of sitting there watching bands all day. There was one band inparticular that I wanted to watch but I knew I would be seeing them at finals so I decided to pass. Ben eventually got home, played a little xbox and then decided to take a nap. His dad was getting remarried that night so we were a little anxious about what time Bell would be performing. The wedding was at 7:00, the first performance slot was 7:45, so we were praying hard for a later slot so Ben wouldn't have to miss anything.

We got word a little after 5:00 that Bell won all awards, Class AAAA 1st place, Outstanding Visual and General Effect and tieing with Marcus for Outstanding Music. That always feels good! They drew a 9:45 slot that night and had to be ready for warm up at 8:30 that night. We had worked it all out to where Ben would be excused from the afternoon practice and riding in with the band. He has done very well with his spot so he was able to just show up at 8:30. Ashleigh was a huge help in getting all the boys from their dad's house and up to UTA in time for Bell to go on the field for finals.

I went up there that night with Danielle, Ashleigh's mom, and we sat through all of the finals bands. This is probably my favorite part of the competition - watching what other bands do. There always seems to be parts of other shows that I really like and the music is always nice. Just before Bell took the field, we could feel water falling from the sky. I have never been to an outside competition when it was raining. I really wasn't sure at all how this was going to play out. For the next two hours, it did what I would call "mist". It wasn't rain. The drops were never larger than a pin head, but we were ever so slowly getting wet. It was cold all day long and now all I could think about was the poor color guard girls whose outfits are sleeveless and they are all barefoot. I am sure they were freezing. I just hope none of them got sick!

The awards portion is so cool - how they get the bands onto the field and the formation they make. We took two of the three top awards - Outstanding Visual Effect and General Effect and we took the 1st place position with a score of 86.4, which is really good! I was so proud! The band played their music one more time but they didn't march. I am not sure why, probably because of the mist in the air, but the parents were able to go onto the track and see it up close. All in all - it was a good day!

Benjamin and his first medal. What a proud moment.
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