Saturday, September 19, 2009

Three Down and I've Only Been to One

So far, Bell has had three football games and I've only managed to make it to the first one. The second one was rained out, rescheduled and still rained out. Then there was one last night. Apparently, we finally managed to win a game. I hate that I missed the band march. I was home recovering from a procedure that I had done at my doctor's office that morning. I promise not to go into great detail, but I had a procedure called cryoblation. I am tryng to avoid a hysterectomy and this is the best thing I've found to be able to do that. I do not like hospitals (hence the reason I was up for having three of my kids at home) and I don't like being put under anesthesia. I do have a high pain tolerance, which helped yesterday. It wasn't so much painful as just really uncomfortable. They give you an antianxiety drug and a shot for pain and local anesthesia. I got home and slept, went through a little nausea last night and thought I had a little fever, but woke up this morning feeling much better.

The kids were great, just leaving me along, letting me rest but being there if I needed something. Then there's this guy...he talked to me on the phone when I just wished I had someone next to me rubbing my back where it hurt or whatever. I am so not used to being "sick" and I don't handle it well. I do know now, after what I was feeling last night, that when I just think I don't feel good - I feel fine. I have a lot to do around here, but am trying to take it easy. The kids are still asleep, well Ben and Jonathan anyway. Alyssa went to babysit this morning until mid-afternoon and Michael is at a Men's Retreat. My son is old enough to go to a Men's Retreat?? How does that happen?

It's now less than two months until we move into our apartment. The band has something almost every weekend from September 26th until November 15th, pretty much. I need to pack, have a garage sale, been trying to sell stuff on Craigs List....I am sure it will all wait until the last minute. This has been a good week. The rain has let up for now and the temperature has cooled down a lot! I am going to lay down again. Thanks for reading my blog. I know there are a lot of you out there. I really hope it makes you laugh. It's not supposed to be a downer!
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