Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Price of Moving On

Today is the day we are taking the dogs back to where they came from. Moving means no more animals because I don't want to pay a pet deposit and more importantly, they are messy and I just don't want to deal with that anymore. I am ready to have a good smelling house without pee and poop on the floor no matter how consistantly we take the dogs outside. I am ready to not have dog hair all over the house and no more gates up at the carpeted areas. We had a cat, Lucy, but after the new carpet got put in and she promptly went upstair and pooped in Alyssa's room, she was gone to my mom's house next door. Mom had just lost a cat and loved Lucy although Lucy wasn't so friendly to her when she was with us. The report three months later is that Lucy has finally come out of the closet hiding space and snuggles up to mom - even sleeping with her on the bed.

We are going to take them as soon as church is over. I cleaned out the kennel really well yesterday, washed their beds and are just about all set to go. The drive is about 2 hours to Emory where Angie and CJ live on an acre of land in the middle of no where. They already have five dogs - Baby's sister Eva, Tiny's Grampa Bruser, mama Baby Girl, sister Heidi and brother Harley. So, once they get settled in I feel sure they will be fine. I know for sure they will be loved. The rest of this blog will be about the deposit...

It has been a week since we dropped the puppies off. I am a little behind in my blogging. Taking the dogs was not as hard as I thought it might be. I did my share of crying at the church alter that morning. The drive was pleasant with the kids except that the dogs, who aren't used to being in the car, couldn't get comfortable the entire 1 hour 45 minute drive. As Jonathan put it on the way home, "All the whining in the car kinda hardened me to the whole thing".

Ok, so when we got there it was dogs everywhere! I knew Tiny was small but I didn't realize just how small they both are until I saw them with the other dogs. Tiny is now with his mom, sister, brother and grampa. He is about the size of Bruser, the grampa. Baby is with her sister, Eva, who looks so much like her it's incredible. Eva has more gray on her mussle though.

We stayed about 45 minutes, talked and watched them adjust to the new house and all the land. They both enjoy being outside, Tiny more than Baby, and now they have lots of land and friends to run around with.

It has been a quiet week around here. I had a crying breakdown on Tuesday night and finally just let it all out. It was like giving away my children, but I know they are happier and get more attention now than they did with us. I will call today to find out how things are going. I have only gotten one small update and haven't called because I just need to let go.

I know they are love.
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Andy said...

It amazes me that there are people who like living with nine yapping chihuahuas. I'm not built like that. I'm glad they're happy.