Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nonsense in the Cubicle

So, I came into work this morning and noticed that a picture had “fallen” off the shelf in my cubicle…or so I thought. It looked like someone had probably hit the wall on the other side of where I sit, which caused a couple of pictures to fall and things to be a little turned over. As I was putting things back together, I started to realize this was just too much of an organized mess. Then I saw that these two post-it notes that I keep on the bottom of my monitor were removed, put together and place on my computer. The final “this was staged” realization was that I couldn’t find the graduation picture of Michael that I keep on the shelf was gone. I looked everywhere. It was gone…not on the floor, on my desk, no where. So, I ask Will, who sits next to me, “what happened to my desk? Things were all messed up”. He and I start discussing it and then the guy on the other side of me is talking to a friend and says, “No. I just noticed my mirror was turned.” Before long, there are several of us discussing what was messed up in our cubicle when we got in. It becomes apparent that someone was playing a practical joke on the whole floor last night.

My only issue was I still couldn’t find the picture of Michael and it was starting to bother me. I decided to move everything around on my desk and sure enough, the picture was under my keyboard. Random, but true. So now, I am curious who did this and if there are going to be repercussions from it. Now, I am thinking it was completely innocent, no one had anything stolen, it was just a joke to make everything think. Everyone I talked to said they noticed a little something out of place and just though “Hmmm. That’s weird.” But that’s it, nothing missing, no damage. But around here, you just never know who is going to be the one to make a big deal about the fact that someone was in their space, messing with their stuff, and get someone in trouble.

It amazes me how those things happen around here. What do they say? The louder you bark the more attention you will get? Something like that. We are a very close-knit group down here. We are all in the same main department with four smaller departments inside the main department. I would say most of us get along. It seems that the work environment is a mature and professional one. I just really hope no one makes a big deal about it. We shall see!
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