Saturday, September 5, 2009

LD Bell Marching Starts - NOW

Last night was the first game for LD Bell. Ben was so excited and ready to perform. I love his enthusiasm for the band. He is so proud of what he has accomplished up to this point. The first picture here is him in the stands at the beginning of the game. I am only going to say this once, but I will never again sit in the high school section. The kids are so incredibly irritating. I will have to start sitting in the more expensive section at home games. I got a little too irritated last night at the kids who were messing with the band seat pads. I know my limits.

The band did amazing. I love the light blue shrouds with the white and dark blue. I wish everyone could see this in person. The energy and excitement in the air when the band takes the field is absolutely invigerating. There is such a charge of excitement to see for the first time what they have to offer this year. As a parent, to know what your child has put into getting himself to where he is at this very moment, makes the difficult points of being a parent worth it all. Just knowing how excited he was, along with all of the other great kids in the band - it's just such a great feeling.

October 10th will start the competition season with BOA Arlington. Then we have UIL, HEB Marching Contest, BOA San Antonio and the finale with Grand Nationals in Indianapolis. I have already booked my flight and reserved my hotel room. I would love to find someone to travel with. If nothing else, there are lots of parents that I know going so I will be fine. I am excited to see how the show will grow and change and progress throughout the next three months. They always have so much in store and even with the new band director this year, I am certain that part of it will not change.

Me, Alyssa, Michael, Ashleigh and her parents are going to San Antonio together to stay overnight and go shopping the next day. This is something I am really looking forward to, just because it's more than a quick trip turn-around. I love going to San Antonio. The hotel we have is on the Riverwalk, which is sort of within walking distance when you are up to it. Saturdays are always a long day, but watching all the bands compete is so much fun to me. I just love this time of year!
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Andy said...

I love the fall and the beginning of the school year, too. Tom used to hate the fall because it was when school started. Glad to see you're blogging and that your daughter's skin infection is cleared up.