Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Today is Labor Day. It's Monday, which means we got a long, three day weekend. There are all these holidays we observe and I don't really know anything about most of them. I mean, I know why we do them, but all it means to me is a day off work and school. A friend of mine works for the government and get a LOT of days off, like LBJ's Birthday. It's in the middle of the week so I am not as envious. What today is for us is just hanging out and being lazy. Social people take this opportunity to have barbecues and parties. I would love to do that, but that's not me. We have a grill, but I don't cook much, so....maybe this will change when I move. I don't know.

Labor Day marks a lot of different things. It's used to mark when you can't wear white anymore - or is it when you CAN wear white? The city pools shut down after Labor Day. School used to start after Labor Day. Now it's just a day the kids have off. For me, today, it marks two months until we move. It's surreal because I really don't have that much to do (save this for later when I realize I probably didn't do enough in the next two months). It also makes for a short work week, which we all enjoy.

This is a short blog, just some thoughts I wanted to get down and pass along. My brother, Andy, started teaching school today. They don't have Labor Day in Amsterdam. They have other holidays that we don't have, like Queen's Day. If you get a chance to skip on over and read his blog, it's always fun and interesting. It's (or click on his name up there). Have a great Labor Day everyone!
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Andy said...

Thanks for the shout out. I've never heard of getting LBJ's birthday off. Sign me up. I work next to the American Consulate in Amsterdam and they get all US as well as all Dutch holidays off. Now dat's nice!