Sunday, September 13, 2009

I. Love. Rain.

This is the best picture I could get. It's out the front window of my car. It has officially rained here for over 48 hours straight. Now, please do not think I am complaining - I love rain. I just don't like getting out in it. This was what my weekend consisted of...Friday evening I wasn't feeling so great and had a football game on the agenda. I didn't necessarily want to go but more importantly didn't want to disappoint Ben. He loves to know that a parent (usually me) is there to watch him perform. The rain came just in time to send the band home, so that put me on the couch watching movies for the night.

I had rented four movies and needed to get them back by Saturday night. I had all kinds of things recorded on the DVR and I had no kids for the weekend. It is best to be as lazy as possible when it's raining, because really, what can you do outside when it's all wet. I woke up Saturday at 9:15 and went to the couch to watch another movie. Everytime I listened I heard rain coming down outside. It is such a calming feeling. Michael and Ashleigh came home and wanted to play xBox, so I got up and went and got a pedicure, took the movies back and picked up the dry cleaning. I wanted to get my toes fixed because I am going on Friday to have a female procedure done and we all know you must shave your legs and have pretty toes. It's just a must.

I went to church this morning. It's the only reason I can see that it's worth it to get out in the rain. Michael has been leading worship for a month now. He is doing so good and I am so proud to see him up there every Sunday. During the service this morning, I was thinking, I hope he doesn't start not liking what he's doing now because he is being paid for it. I hope it becomes more exciting and more of what he wants. He is so good at it. I am amazed at his ability to sing and play guitar and just let what is in his heart come out. I wish he would do a solo one Sunday. He isn't the only singer on Sundays. I would love to hear him sing a song, just him, like he and Ben did on Christmas Eve last year. I need to talk to him about that.

I think it's finally quit raining for now. It is such a peaceful sound, hearing the rain fall down with no thunder or lightning. It's just like a washing of the earth.
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Andy said...

I just counted on Mom being there at every game. (Was Dad there?) I used to talk to other kids whose parent's did come to games and it seemed so strange. Your parents don't come and watch you perform? What's up with that?

It's raining here today - and I love it. Also, not to get out in it, but to just be here and hear the tapping and the rare thunder clap.

Fred's out of town for a couple of weeks starting the 19th. Why don't you fly over for a week and hang out?