Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How does one go about getting Impetigo?

I don't really want you to answer that. I know how you get it. I just never thought I would have to deal with somethng with such an odd name...then again, with my life as of late, it totally fits.

Monday morning, Alyssa comes down, ready to go to school, and says "I think I got bit by something in my sleep. Look at my face." I could tell it wasn't a bite, but I wasn't sure what it was. Being the kind of mom I am...I handed her a tube of Neosporin and said, "Keep putting this on there. Ket me know if it gets worse. We have to get going." And off we went. It wasn't any better after school. In fact, it almost looked worse. She spent the night with Melina that night because the next day was Melina's birthday and they are best friends AND they did this for Alyssa's birthday, so....I told her to let me know as early as possible if it was continuing to get worse so that I could take her to the doctor before school. When I picked them up the next morning, it wasn't worse, just not getting any better and it seemed like it was spreading. Melina's mom pegged it as what it was, but since we live by exemptions, I told her I would get her a doctor's appointment that afternoon, after school and sent her on her way.

She text me a little later and said it was itching. I told her to go to the school nurse, not thinking they would send her home, just wanting to get confirmation about what it was. I had made her an appointment at 4:30 so we were going to get it taken care of. Well, the nurse said it was Impetigo and said she had to go home because it was very contagious. She was so SO mad. She needs those exemptions and missing this one day meant she would only have one more exemption for the Tri. I got her into the doctor and they weren't exactly sure if it was Shingles or Impetigo at first. We left with a diagnosis, prescriptions for ointment and pills AND a doctor's note that said she could go back to school the next day.

We still aren't sure where it came from, but it healed really fast. Now we are just dealing with the spots left from the scabs. Mederma here we come!
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