Friday, September 25, 2009

6544 Dykes Way, Dallas, Texas

Yesterday, ventured out of the office to find a place to have the oil changed in my car. Instead, I ended up trying to find the house my grandparents lived in during my childhood. I have worked in this office for almost three years now. It’s just a few miles away from the neighborhood, but I have never seemed to either find the time or remember to go look and see if the house is still there. Today I did and today I found the house.

My grandparents moved to this house in 1952. My mother was in college at Hardin-Simmons University and had not met my dad yet. Going to Maye Maye (Clara Maye was my grandmother’s name) and Grandad’s was a highlight of my childhood and I’m sure my brothers would agree of theirs too. When I was born, my parents live in Dallas. My dad had just started his dental practice in Hurst, Texas, so they found a house and moved to Hurst a month after I was born. Going to our grandparent’s house, the only grandparents my brothers and I knew, was always a day-long trip. In my mind, it seemed like it too forever to get there. It’s odd to me that I drive that same path every single day now.

The house is a peer and beam with hardwood floors that were always covered by carpet throughout the house. When you walk in the front door, “the boys” room was immediately on your left and the formal living room was to the right. Next to “the boy's” room was “my room”, also my mother’s room when she would come home from college, before she and my father married. Up just a little bit, on the right, was the den and behind that was the kitchen, which you could also get to through the formal living room. There was a bathroom that connected my room and the boy's room but you could not get it to from the hallway. At the very end of the hallway, on the left, was the master bathroom and Maye Maye and Grandad’s room at the end. This was the layout and from all I can see it must still be the same. If I had seen someone outside of the house, I would have asked to go in. I don’t know if my explanation would have been sufficient, but I sure would have tried. I believe the last time I was in that house was in 1989, after Maye Maye had passed away and my parents were cleaning out the house to sell it. I have driven by one other time, I believe, but it was many years ago.

This house is just across the street and down a couple of houses. I am not completely sure, but I think it stands now where one of my neighborhood friends lived. Her name was Heather and she would come running over when she saw that we were visiting my grandparents. I wonder what Maye Maye and Grandad would say if they could see their neighborhood now. There are several new houses being built where the old ones used to be. It’s odd to see a mixture of what once was and was is now. It doesn’t fit, in my mind.

This is how I knew I was close to the house. The brick wall at the end of the street happened after my grandfather had passed away (the day before I turned 11, so it was July of 1978) and before my grandmother got to the point where my parents had to move her in with them. I was probably a teenager. I would go over to visit her every now and then on my own once I started driving. On the other side of the wall was just woods. Then the wall went up and these mansions started growing all around this little quiet neighborhood. One time we went on a tour of one of them, just amazed at the size. Now, that size house is very normal for just about any nice neighborhood – even in Bedford.

This is Andy and me sitting on the back step of the house on Dykes Way. This picture make me happy. We are so sweet and innocent. This house holds so many good memories for me. Running through the house, hearing the floors creak and groan. There is a part of me that wishes we still had the house. Just like I wish we still had the house we grew up in.
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Andy said...

That brought back some memories. I agree that going to Maye Maye and Granddad's was one of the highlights of my childhood. Such innocence and there was almost always something to do. I can't imagine going in. I sort of like the idea of keeping it in the pre-1989 styling. I don't even like to think of the modernization that Voldemort did when you guys lived there.