Friday, August 28, 2009

Rainbows Make Everything Better

This week has been the first week of school for Alyssa, Ben and Jonathan. Typically, this goes well and I don't anticipate anything every-really. How often have I ever had to call the principal or school counselor since my children started school? I could probably count it on one hand between all of them. This year,I had to call the counselor twice - once before school started and once this week. I am going to tell the story now. The names have been changed to save the innocent - not the dumbasses involved in the story.

Bobby has a dad who has a girlfriend. The girlfriend has two sons. One of them is the same age as Bobby. Everything seems to be going fine between Bobby and Kenny, until summer visitation. Bobby has to go spend a whole month with his dad, which means he has to spend a whole month with Kenny. It's not that Bobby doesn't like Kenny - more like Bobby is much more mature than Kenny and isn't used to having someone so close to his age hanging around. Kenny has a tendency to irritate Bobby and Bobby gets frustrated a lot. During summer visitation, Bobby gets so frustrated with Kenny that he chokes him. Now, this is not acceptable behavior and Bobby's dad grounds him. This doesn't make Bobby like Kenny any more than he already does. In fact, it does quite the opposite.

It's now about time for the new school year and it's "Meet the Teacher" night at Bobby's school. Carol, Bobby's mom, realizes that Kenny will be going to school with Bobby and she forgot to call the counselor to ask that they not be put in the same classrooms. The counselor assures her that they were one step ahead and that Bobby and Kenny have no classes together all year. At school that night, Carol and her daughter, Marsha (Bobby's older sister) overhear Bobby talking smack about Kenny. They tell him that's not the right thing to do. He should put himself in Kenny's shoes and understand that Bobby is the only one Kenny knows at the school. Bobby needs to help him make new friends. Carol is irritated that this is even happening, but this is what happens when you get divorced, so she will do her best to make the situation bearable.

Here comes the first day of school. Bobby is a little negative that morning and Carol is concerned. After school, Carol picks Bobby up from school and asks him how his day was. Bobby proceeds to tell her a story how he refused to talk to Kenny on the playground and how he communicated with him through other kids. Carol tells Bobby that probably wasn't the best way to handle the situation and decides to call Bobby's dad and talk to him about her concerns. The conversation goes well and Bobby's dad promises to think about how to handle the difficult time that Bobby is having.

Later that evening, Bobby's dad calls and is now upset - you guessed it - because the girlfriend is upset. This, of course results in a disagreement between he and Carol, where upon he starts getting rude and Carol hangs up. Bobby is with his brother, Greg, at a much anticipated late dinner at IHOP. Carol asks Bobby's dad to please not disrupt their dinner, but to no ones surprise, he proceeds to call Greg and Bobby, but neither will answer their phone. Greg calls Carol and asks what to do. She tells them to just come home and their dad can call Bobby tomorrow - which is does.

The second day of school doesn't go so well, but Carol does make a call to the school counselor to ask her what to do. Ok, let's be honest - to be told she was right and Bobby's jackass of a dad was wrong - but that's not part of the story....
We are thankful for rain, because it makes our grass grow...and it makes elementary school children have to stay inside at recess and not see the person they are most trying to avoid. I am certain there will be more to this story, but having to rehash the stupid drama I...I mean, Carol, had to go through this week has given me a headache. Sometimes, life is just stupid.
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Andy said...

Since this is obviously a sit-com, I would expect everything to be resolved in a half hour. You're behind schedule.

Aunt Jenny (Imogene Coca)