Saturday, August 8, 2009

Prayer for Light

Benjamin pulled a fast one on me Wednesday. This was his first week of marching practice for the 2009-2010 marching season. I wasn't sure when marching try-outs or results were, but I found out...the hard way. I get a phone call at about 4:30. It's Ben on the other end and he sounds very upset. I can tell these things. I'm his mom, right? I ask him what's wrong and he proceeds to tell me, "Mom, I didn't get a spot. I didn't get a marching spot. I don't get it. How can 'John', who doesn't know his steps, get a spot and I don't?" I am in shock. How can this be? He is 3rd chair First Band. He HAS to be on the field. How can he not have a marching spot? I am going numb. I don't know what to say. I try to be encouraging and just tell him he can challenge for a spot. Then he says, "You know the craziest part of the whole thing? I totally had you going. Of course I got a spot!!!"

You know that space between were you want to hurt someone and yet you are so excited for them? That's where I was. He is such a hard worker. He wanted first band and he got it. He was so worried about getting a marching spot and I knew he would get it. He's a Nobles after all. We are good marchers *wink wink*. He takes pride in everything he does and he craves recognition. He asked me to come to the field to watch them do the spirit show. Unfortunately, there was a storm rolling in and it ended up getting cancelled, but there is always tomorrow. This is my season of spending lots of evenings at Pennington Field watching the LD Bell Band come together for another amazing marching season.

We have a "new" director this year. Mr. Earnhart has moved on to be the Fine Arts Director with the Irving ISD. Van Matthews, who was new to Bell last year, has moved up to be our new band director. Michael and Alyssa had nothing but wonderful things to say about him last year so I new Ben and the rest of the band would be in good hands. It's always exciting for me to see how the kids relate to the directors. What a great opportunity these men have to be a good leader to these mold them into responsible adults, make a mark on their lives in a positive way. As a parent, I am putting my child in the hands of adults that are with them more than I am. It's so very important for those people to have good character and attitude. I can honestly say that I wouldn't have my son in any other band. Call them Nazi if you want, but I have two kids that have come out of this band better human beings. Whatever it is the directors do, it works.

Prayer for Light is the name of the show this year. It will be great. Come see it when you can. LD Bell Band Prayer for Light
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Andy said...

I'm amazed that they can use the whole 'prayer' thing. It seems so religious for a public school. I can't wait to see what kind of imagery they use.