Friday, July 10, 2009

Health Issues

How Cute Are They???

It seems that these things come and go in our family. The older kids are getting their wisdom teeth in and I have no dentist to go to. I did find one that we have been to before, but now comes making the appointments and taking the time to get them in to have their teeth cleaned and checked and decide when to pull these teeth. Thankfully, I do have dental insurance that I hope is fairly good. I don't know because I have never had to use it until now.

I went to the doctor for my yearly check up on Wednesday. I am never just feeling tip top. My energy level has been low for a while. Back in the Spring, when I wanted to donate blood, my iron was always too low. I finally got tired of being turned down and just haven't gone back. Well, Carol, my nurse practitioner of 30 years, tells me that my blood work from last year showed that I am boarder line anemic, which would explain a lot of things. They are doing more blood work to find out if this could be part of why I am just always tired. The other thing is my cycle (men with queasy stomach or don't want TMI - leave)They are getting worse, more painful, to the point where I have to take heavy pain pills and feel like puking for days on end. I have always been normal and consistent in this area, until about 2 years ago. I have gained weight in weird places that don't affect my clothes and the way they fit, but the scales says I am heavier.

I have decided to check into have a procedure called an Ablation. It's where they go in and basically cauterize the entire lining of your uterus. Why not just have a hysterectomy, you ask? Because I am not sure it's completely necessary right now. No, I do not want more children, but I don't like the thought of taking something out of my body that is working fine or putting something in my body that I wasn't born with. I am tired of feeling exhausted all the time. I have been told that this surgery will make me feel so much better, have more energy, and will make a world of difference, so I'm going to do it. Just have to get to the doctor to discuss it and schedule it.

Michael is leaving for another church camp on Sunday. Alyssa and Ben are going to be "counselors" at VBS starting Sunday night and going through Thursday. Jonathan is supposed to go, too, but he didn't seem to happy about it when I told him. That is up to his dad, I guess. I have a full week of doing really pretty much nothing. I want to get started on redoing my kitchen. One gallon of paint for the walls and a couple of gallons for the cabinets and I should be set. Now I just need the help of a few good friends. LOL I even bought myself on of those electric screwdrivers so I can get the cabinet doors off easier. I'll let ya know how that works out for me.
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