Thursday, July 16, 2009

Being Sick SUCKS

About a month ago, I got this pain near my jaw on the left side of my face. I fought it and fought it and then just decided to go see the doctor because the ache was really getting to me. I got antibiotics and all was well with the world. Until this past Saturday evening. The pain came back, except this time it was on the right side of my face. Again, there was no lump that I could feel, nothing I could see in my mouth. My ear was hurting a little. I figured it was a sinus something or other and that I should just go ahead and see if my doctor would call in a refill for the antibiotics that I had last month.

I didn't go to church on Sunday, but Monday morning I went to work, called the doctor and put in the refill request, and then made it through the day on pain pills. One of my friends at work was telling me I should rub that area because it was probably just a backed up sinus and it would get everything moving. Well, that helped a little bit but only for a minute or two. i thought maybe heat would help, but never got to that. I left work feeling ok, but by the time I got home I was in a lot of pain. I had mom get me some Mucinex D and a vicodine and I was set for the night. It helped a lot, so much so that I went upstairs and cleaned up the kids rooms (which weren't really that bad) and vaccumed and cleaned the bathroom. I passed out about 11:00 pm.

At 3:00 am, I woke up with such a fever and sore throat that I could not even think straight. Mind you, my doctor wasn't able to get to my medicine refill request yet, so I still hadn't had any antibiotics, so all I have is Mucinex D and Advil. I could barely stomach the thought of getting up to get the thermometer to find out what my temperature was, so the thought of taking anything made me sick to my stomach. For the next 3 hours I laid there miserable, thinking I was dieing and so glad that I don't get this sick very often. I turned off my alarm that morning and finally felt good enough to get up about 8:00 to try to go to work. I lasted exactly 2 hours before I decided I was either going to sit there and cry all day or go home and go back to bed and wait for my antibiotics to come through.

Two days later I feel alive again. It took about 24 hours for the antibiotics to kick in. The Mucinex D helped but didn't make things better enough that I felt myself. When things like this happen to me, it makes me realize that I don't REALLY get sick like this very often. I am so thankful for this, but need to remember this for the next time I just THINK I don't feel good. There are those people who get a hang nail and think they need to stay home from work. Fortunately, I only have 3 sick days left this year, since I restarted my position in May. This does keep me from just staying home for no good reason. I have to keep my vacation days building up for marching season, so can't be usein' those, huh?
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