Monday, June 15, 2009

When It Rains, It Pours???

Isn't that what they say? So, my son graduates from high school, the next week I get sick mid-week and miss a day of work, then I get an email from one of my bosses asking me if I can come back to Memphis that Sunday for another week of training. So, I apologize for the delequency in blogging (thank you big bro for bringing it to my attention). Now I'm trying to figure out where to start.

The picture is of a piece of art hanging in Jenny's house. It's nothing fancy, but really pretty. We were all admiring it when we had dinner at her house on Thursday night.

I have pretty much spent the last two weeks just living. I about had a nervous breakdown thinking about going back to Memphis and what I was going to do with the kids. The summer vistation is that I have the kids all of June and they are with their dad all of July. Knowing the plans that the ex had, I figured he would not be able to help while I was gone. I know I have good kids, I just wasn't completely sure how good. Would they think "FREEDOM" like I did when my parents left us home alone? I could pretty much guarantee no parties since my mom lives next door and their other grandparents are down the street and I told several people I was going out of town and they could come by and check on them if they wanted to. It was more like, would they get along and be civil to each other and would Jonathan get a bath and food every day? One major thing I had to depend on was that, Ashleigh, Michael's girlfriend, was working at the elementary school down the street doing summer camp and she said she would come by and check on everything everyday.

I spent the weekend before I left just making sure there were groceries, the car had gas and the laundry was done. I was going to be gone five nights. That is a very long time to leave kids at home without a parent, no matter what the age. Ok, maybe just if they are under 18, but still. It was trama for me. The whole week was spent working and spending evenings with friends and coworkers. It was really fun and really exhausting. Monday, Andrea, Jenny and I went out for dinner and drinks. Tuesday night, a friend took me to Beale Street. Wednesday night more coworkers went out for dinner and drinks. This was where the exhaustion started to kick in. I got back to the hotel at a good hour and was able to get some good sleep. Thursday night was the most fun. We had a team dinner at Jenny's house.

She lives in Mississippi, just across the boarder from Memphis. I wasn't quite crasping how close that was until we drove there that night. It was definitely the funnest and most relaxed dinner party I have ever been to. We had a five course meal that was amazing. It makes me want to cook. My goal this summer is to cook something new every weekend. In the picture below, I am smelling soap that Jenny's husband brought back from Spain. I ended up with quite a bit of soap, some of which Will still has to bring back from Memphis in his own luggage.

The other best part was when the kids picked me up from the airport. They were who I wanted most to see when I got off the plane. They were who I missed the most. They did wonderful. The first two days/nights were a little stressful for us all, but we are strong. As a family, we just go with it. This proved to me that, in adversity, we can ALL ban together and be a family. I love that about us. We truly are a family.
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