Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My son the preacher?

Ever since Benjamin was a very small child, he had a heart for God. I always thought to myself that I could see him growing up to be a preacher, full or part time, I knew it would be something he would do. As he is getting older he is showing interests in other things, like music. He loves to play guitar or drums on the youth worship team. He will occassionally play his trombone in the morning church worship. He and Michael played and sang a song on Christmas Eve at church. He definitely has a heart for worship.

Michael struggled with his faith for a long time, during junior high mostly. In high school, he seemed to come into his own all the way around. Last year at youth summer camp, he had a true experience with God. He heard God give him instructions on the relationship he was in at the time. It was very difficult for all of us, but he has grown in his faith and well, just grown to mature in a wonderful way.

Tonight, he lead the youth Senior high class. I have been helping with the junior high class, but the other teacher took them for me so that I could sit in and listen to what Michael had to share. He spoke on "The Heavenly Father". He writes in journal pretty much every day, just thoughts that he has about life. This one particular journal entry, he was writing to God and called him Heavenly Father. Apparently, that was not the way he generally address God. He looked up the definition of Heavenly and Father and did a comparison.

What struck me was that he was sharing this with his peers. He is the only Senior in the youth department at church and all of the kids up there look up to him. They really respect him. The lesson was interactive with the kids. It felt like I was just watching my son talk to his friends about God and their relationship with God. I love that church for my kids is so non-traditional for the most part. There aren't any set rules like when I was growing up. They are just who they are and they are accepted 100%. As I listened to Michael speak, I watched Ben's reaction, listening to his brother speak. There is such a level of respect there that it makes my heart so full.
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